Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 624 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 624

“Why isn’t my uncle back yet?”

“He’s at a business dinner. He won’t be back until midnight.”

Shawn’s younger sister was still in college. Now that it was winter break, she went

traveling with her friends and would be back before the new year.

There was no one else at the house.

The aunt and niece took a seat on the sofa while Shawn sat beside the pair. He nervously

stared at his mother.

“What do you want to talk to me about, Jas?”

“Aunt Rachel, I want to first put it out there that this is not Serenity’s fault. Please listen to what I have to say before getting mad. You can be mad at your son, but don’t take it out on Serenity.”

Jasmine had to first give her aunt a fair warning and assure Serenity’s safety.

“I won’t come over to your place if you take it out on Serenity, Aunt Rachel.”

Mrs. Lowe replied with a smile, “What is it? You make it sound so somber. Why would I take it out on Serenity? Serenity has been friends with you for years. I watched her grow up. She’s a sensible child. I’m fond of her. Why would I take it out on her?

“Tell me what’s going on. What did Shawn do that involved Serenity?”

Shawn chimed in before Jasmine could say anything. Looking at his mother, he uttered int a serious tone, “Mom, I love Serenity, and I have been for years, but Jas doesn’t support. me in this. She even stopped me from going after Serenity. She said you will never let me be together with Serenity.

“Mom, you said you’re fond of Serenity. Do I have your blessing to be with Serenity?”

The smile on Mrs. Lowe’s face froze.

She turned to look at her niece and asked, “Jasmine, isn’t Serenity married?”

“Yes, she is. She and her husband are getting along well. She has turned Shawn down, but Shawn won’t leave her alone.”

Mrs. Lowe then turned to face her son.

Shawn stared at his mother expectantly.

The next minute, his mother slapped him hard on the shoulder. Shawn fell over the armrest of the sofa from impact.

“Shawn, is Serenity the only woman left in the world? How could you fall for her? I can’t

believe you won’t leave a married woman alone. Have you lost your mind? She…”

Realizing that her niece was here, Mrs. Lowe could not badmouth Serenity.

Mrs. Lowe said to her niece, “I got it, Jasmine. You should head back. I’ll have a talk with Shawn.

“When did this start, Jas? Was it before or after Serenity got married?”

“After she got married.”

Mrs. Lowe scowled.

“Serenity never saw Shawn as more than a brother, Aunt Rachel. I tried to stop Shawn, but he wouldn’t listen to me. Can you talk some sense into him and stop him from harassing Serenity? Serenity and her husband got into a few arguments because of this.”

Mrs. Lowe responded, “I see. At least I know where Serenity stands.”

She was furious, but it was not Serenity’s fault. Despite her rage, she could not find fault with Serenity.

Mrs. Lowe watched Serenity grow up and knew her well enough. Serenity’s feelings for her son were familial like an older sister toward a younger sibling. The way Serenity looked at her son did not carry any romantic sentiments.

It never crossed Mrs. Lowe’s mind that her son was the one who had eyes on Serenity.


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