Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 627 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 627

Zachary, who was dubbed the petty guy by Serenity, took a few hours of sleep at the office before waking


He opened his eyes and found a thick jacket draped over him. Removing the jacket, he looked at the time.

“It’s nine at night,” Zachary cried, unable to believe that he slept that long.

There were a few thermal lunch boxes on his desk. It must be the dinner brought by the manager of the subsidiary company. The manager must have seen him asleep and did not want to wake him. The thick. jacket over Zachary must be from the manager too..

Straightening his back, Zachary sat in silence for a while before heading to the bathroom to freshen himself up with a good splash of cold water to his face.

He walked out of the bathroom several minutes later.

Having returned to his seat, he opened the food containers. The food was still warm.

He sat behind his desk and dug in. Zachary pulled out his phone and checked his messages. Other than the messages from his senior executives about work, his brothers and cousins sent him a few text.

messages too.

After reading all the messages, Zachary pulled a long face as he received nothing from Serenity.

Mrs. Lane said that she was no longer angry.

Serenity was either making her crafts at the shop or chatting away with her sister at her sister’s place. She probably forgot who he was.

Zachary was down in the dumps.

It was then Zachary noticed an unread text message. He tapped on it.

The message was from Mrs. Lane.

Mrs. Lane had texted him in the afternoon, but he was too caught up in slumberland to hear the notification.

“Mr. Zachary, Ms. Hunt is going drinking at a bar tonight.”

The message was only a short sentence, but Zachary scowled and had to ditch food to give Mrs. Lane a call right away.

It took a while before Mrs. Lane picked up the call.

“I made an excuse to bring out the trash so I could take your call, Mr. Zachary.”

Mrs. Lane added, “Why did you only reply to me now, Mr. Zachary? The missus is probably at the bar right.


Zachary solemnly asked, “Which bar is she at? I worked all of last night and couldn’t keep awake by the time afternoon rolled around. I took a nap. I only saw the message now that I woke up.”

Mrs. Lane thought to herself, ‘No wonder Mr. Zachary went quiet after I sent the message. It turned out he was asleep.’

“Where is Serenity drinking?”

Zachary knew that he was the reason Serenity went drinking at a bar.

He kind of regretted his action.

Why did he have to be petty? He made a fuss because she did not tell him about Liberty being harassed by her former mother-in-law. Come to think of it, Zachary was indeed acting petty.

Serenity was a rather independent woman. She could not possibly rely on him for every little thing.

“I don’t know which bar she has gone to. I overheard she was going for drinks with Ms. Sox to vent their pent-up emotions at a bar.”

Following a brief silence, Zachary said, “Okay. I got it.”

After ending the call with Mrs. Lane, Zachary immediately gave Josh a call. Once the call was connected, he jumped right to the matter at hand. “Josh, I need to look into the bar that Jasmine and Serenity went drinking at, and how long they’ve been there.”

“Jasmine went drinking? Why didn’t she invite me?”


“Alright, alright. I’ll get right to it. I’ll go there and drive them home once I receive word, okay?”

Josh added, “Why did they go drinking out of the blue? They could’ve told me if they wanted to enjoy a good drink. I can bring out my dad’s treasured wine collection. They didn’t have to go all the way to a bar.” Zachary bit his tongue for a moment before uttering, “I had a fight with Serenity.”


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