Married at First Sight Chapter 1800 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1800 by desirenovel

Too many times had happened, making it easy for her to let down her guard and let her secret slip.

Her disguise as a man was a secret.

“What is the third young master of the York family doing here?” Hayden frowned, then asked: “How long has he been here?”

“Several gifts were delivered, and Madam was delighted to see the third young master York stop by. She and the third young master York had a good conversation.”

After thinking about it, Hayden said: “Our family has a little friendship with the Bucham family, and the Bucham family has a very close relationship with the York family. Alright, Third Young Master york probably came to Jensburg on a business trip, so he stopped by to pay a visit, it’s all right. Uncle, you can go now.”

Hayden entered the room alone.

The bodyguards could move freely temporarily, but they dare not go far.

Hayden usually didn’t stay long when she returned to the old mansion, she just wanted to visit her mother, and then she had to go back to the company.

In the gorgeous hall, Mrs. Queen and Mr. Queen were both present, except for them, Kevin who just came to visit.

Callum and Camryn were already engaged, Kevin and Callum received the photo from grandma at the same time, Kevin and Hayden had not made any progress at all, he was not in a hurry, also grandma was not in a hurry, but his parents were in a hurry.

Under the repeated nagging of the beautiful mother, Kevin had no choice but to say that he was going to Jensburg for a business trip in order to be quiet, so he hurriedly flew to Jensburg.

Avoiding the nagging of his beautiful mother.

But his mother said that if he kept going, she would text him 24 hours a day and call every half an hour to urge the marriage.

Under the threat of his mother, Kevin got off the plane and went back to his hotel in Jensburg to rest for a while. He bought a gift before returning to the villa he bought in Jensburg, and went straight to Queen’s house to visit his future mother-in-law.

Last time he ate at the same table with the Queen family of four, and had a good chat with Mrs. Queen and Mr. Queen, and also had a good chat with Hugh.

Having had dinner at the same table, Kevin’s visit would be aboveboard, and it would not make Queen’s family suspicious.

As soon as Hayden entered the room, she heard the laughter of her parents.

Kevin’s mouth was so eloquent that it coaxed her parents into laughter.

Forget about the mother, she always had a low smile, and her father was a serious person, and he was also amused by Kevin.

“Kevin, when you are on a business trip in Jensburg, you should visit Auntie when you have time. Auntie hasn’t been this happy for a long time.”

Mrs. Queen said with a smile. She really liked Kevin more and more. Kevin was so eloquent and could always make her laugh. It was a beautiful mood to get along with such a child.

Compared with her two children, Kevin was much better.

The son was fine, but thinking of her eldest son, oh, the daughter, Mrs. Queen had a headache.

Hearing footsteps, Mrs. Queen looked towards the door of the house and said, My older son is back’.

The smiles were a little bit underwhelming.

Alas, her daughter had been disguised as a man for too long, even her own mother was used to treating her daughter as a son.

Hayden came over and called softly: “Dad, Mom.”

She looked at Kevin, nodded, and said hello: “Mr. York.”

Kevin was in charge of all the hotels under the York Corporation and was the boss of the catering industry. When Zachary was not present, everyone called him Boss York.


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