Married at First Sight Chapter 2360 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2360 by desirenovel-The bouquet of flowers he brought was still on Liberty’s desk.

Liberty quickly picked up the bouquet, got up and chased it out, trying to return the flowers to Antonio.

But Antonio walked very fast, and when Liberty came out, he had already left.

Liberty was extremely helpless, holding the bouquet of flowers, she didn’t know what to do for a while.

Coincidentally, Duncan came.

Seeing Liberty holding a bouquet of flowers standing at the door of the restaurant, he thought it was prepared for him. When Duncan was pushed over by the bodyguard, his face was already full of smiles.

“Liberty.” Duncan yelled.

“Mr. Lewis, you’re here.” Liberty walked down the steps holding the bouquet.

When Duncan waited for her to approach, he stretched out his hands to get the bouquet of flowers, and said: “How could you think of preparing a bouquet of flowers for me today? My birthday has already passed.”

Liberty said in embarrassment: “Mr. Lewis, I didn’t prepare this bouquet for you. Mr. Giles sent it here, saying that he was an apology to me. I don’t want to accept it. He put down the bouquet and left. When I chased him out, he left without a trace.”

Hearing this, Duncan was also embarrassed, his outstretched hand was stiff, and he quickly took the bouquet as if nothing had happened.

“Looking at your expression just now, it seems that you don’t know what to do with this bouquet of flowers. Let me help you deal with it.”

As he spoke, he motioned for the bodyguard to push him to the trash can on the street in the distance, and threw the bouquet of flowers sent by Antonio into the trash can.

Apologizing and sending a large bouquet of red roses?

Liberty didn’t think much, but Duncan thought too much, suspecting that Antonio had some intentions.

Today’s Liberty was a magnet, easily attracting men’s attention.

He was on guard.

Want to grab a woman from him, Duncan, so tender!

He waited for such a long time, after waiting for such a long time, he saw hope, and he would never let Mother Superior who appeared halfway cut him off.

Duncan quickly returned to Liberty, and said to Liberty: “Just accept his apology in front of him, and don’t keep that bouquet of red roses. It takes up space. I will give it to you when the time comes. There will be no place for the bouquet.”

Liberty smiled and said, “Mr. Lewis, your words are so right that people can’t help but think about it. Mr. Giles really came to apologize.”

Duncan: “Whether it’s an apology or something else, he knows best in his heart, Liberty, you are being watched by many men now, be careful, don’t be fooled by them.”

Liberty: “I have suffered a lot in the hands of men, and I will not trust men easily. Of course, Mr. Lewis, I still believe it. Mr. Lewis, you’re different from them.”

Duncan’s character made her behave in an aboveboard manner.

Others approached her probably because she was the older sister of the eldest mistress of the York family, and because she owned two restaurants under her name, and the business was very good, and they thought she was making money well.

Regardless of her ability to make money, just because she and Serenity were sisters, many people wanted to get benefits from her brother-in-law through her.

Duncan didn’t have to worry about him having such an idea.

If Duncan had plans, it was his mother and his planning. He wanted to marry her as his wife and be Sonny’s father.


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