Married at First Sight Chapter 2362 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2362 by desirenovel-Hank, who could walk, still looked a little weak, but he was not as energetic as Duncan.

“Mr. Lewis.” Hank greeted politely.

Duncan nodded and asked, “Mr. Brown, when did you leave the hospital?”

Chelsea: “He was discharged from the hospital yesterday.”

Duncan said oh, it’s good that Hank was discharged from the hospital, and Liberty wouldn’t have to take his son to the hospital to visit Hank in the next weekend.

“Mr. Lewis, you always came to look for Liberty, why didn’t you go in?” Chelsea asked.

“Liberty went in to get the things, and after she got the things, we’d go home together.” In front of this pair of superb siblings, Duncan deliberately said this to p!ss them off.

It’s been a year since they got divorced, and seeing Liberty’s little life getting better and better, the Brown family wanted her to go back and pester her again, so they wanted to go ahead and dream.

Without morals, anything was possible.

Duncan also saw it.

The Brown family were such humble and invincible people.

Hearing that Duncan said to go home with Liberty, Hank’s expression darkened, but he didn’t say anything.

He also had no right to say anything.

Chelsea was counting on her younger brother to hate Duncan, seeing that her younger brother just looked sad and kept silent, She hated iron for being weak.

She really wanted to talk, but she couldn’t talk much, for fear of being scolded by her parents when she returned home.

Her pParents and younger brother were thinking that as long as Sonny lived well, Liberty’s life would be better and better, and she would earn more and more money. Wasn’t it left to Sonny in the future?

And Sonny’s surnamed Brown, the grandson of their Brown family.

Giving everything about Liberty to Sonny was equivalent to giving it to the Brown family.

After thinking this way, Mrs. Brown felt much better. She even thought that after Liberty married Duncan, the two of them would no longer have children, and then everything about Duncan would be inherited by Sonny.

When Sonny became the big president, with plenty of money and power, could Sonny deny his father, grandparents?

What they had to do was maintain a close relationship with Sonny so that Sonny would always remember their family members and so that they could enjoy the blessings that Sonny brings to them in the future.

Hank didn’t speak, and Duncan didn’t pay much attention to the pair of superb siblings. Even Chelsea didn’t speak. Several people stood here, and the atmosphere was a bit awkward.

Of course, Duncan wouldn’t be embarrassed, anyway, he didn’t feel embarrassed, it’s others who were embarrassed.

Liberty came out with her bag in her arms, and this was what she saw.


When Chelsea saw Liberty coming out, she smiled and walked forward as if she had met a savior.

“Miss Brown, why are you here?” Liberty frowned slightly, and asked coldly. She looked at her ex-husband, “Sonny’s dad, you left the hospital?”

When Hank heard his ex-wife address him, he sighed inwardly for his ex-wife’s open-mindedness and tolerance.

When they divorced, they had a very ugly fight.

But Liberty did not teach his son to be bad, and never instilled in his son the idea that his father was a bad guy.

Liberty was such a good woman, a blessed woman.


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