Married at First Sight Chapter 2367 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2367 by desirenovel-After Camryn adjusted her mood, she gave her younger brother a hug.

Trenton glanced at his brother-in-law, quite unnaturally, and a little worried that his brother-in-law would be jealous.

He heard that this prospective brother-in-law was very domineering.

However, he was the younger brother, so the brother-in-law should be able to tolerate it.

When he was young, the eldest sister was very indifferent to him on the surface and didn’t want to talk to him.

But when he fell down, the eldest sister would show a distressed look, and would help him up, hold him in her arms, and softly coax him not to cry.

Trenton had always liked the eldest sister since he could remember.

When he found himself falling down, only his cold eldest sister would show warmth.

He liked wrestling very much. Only in that way, the eldest sister would care about him and coax him. In his memory, the eldest sister’s embrace was thin but full of warmth.

When Trenton was a child, he never understood why his mother had a bad attitude towards his eldest sister, nor why his eldest sister always ignored him.

As he grew up, he realized that the eldest sister was not born to his father.

Although it was the same mother, his mother still didn’t like the eldest sister.

He would rush over to defend his eldest sister whenever he saw his mother abusing or even beating her.

He couldn’t see his mother treating his eldest sister badly, nor could he see his eldest sister being bullied.

The second sister was in a bad mood, and suggested to his mother to send him to a closed school and not let him stay at home, so that he would not be able to protect the eldest sister.

He was the only son of his parents, and his parents must love him, but in order not to let him protect his eldest sister, they really sent him to a closed school, even if it was the best closed school in Wiltspoon.

Every time Trenton was able to go home, he told his eldest sister to be careful.

In the end, the eldest sister was killed so much that she lost her light and almost lost her life. Thanks to the aunt Azalea who found it when she returned to her mother’s house, she sent the eldest sister to the hospital for emergency treatment, and only then did she save her life.

Recalling all the past, Trenton felt guilty, blamed himself, and missed his eldest sister’s hug.


Trenton was too lazy to care if his brother-in-law would be jealous, so he hugged his eldest sister back fiercely.

The siblings let go.

Trenton apologized to the eldest sister, “Sister, it was my fault that I treated you badly during the summer vacation. In the future, I will be a sensible person. Parents and second sister, even if you don’t sue, they will go in too.

Eldest sister, I actually don’t hate you. It’s just that I couldn’t accept that you sent my parents in with your own hands for a while, so I avoided you, didn’t meet you, and was almost used by my aunt and second aunt.”

Trenton was very fortunate, under the instigation of his aunt Brenda and aunt Amy, he finally kept his heart.

He did not follow them to deal with his sister Camryn.

Not to mention being used by them to snatch Newman’s business.

He was still a college student, knew nothing about business, and had no experience in managing a company.

Dalton wholeheartedly assisted Camryn. It was most suitable for her to take care of the legitimate business of the Newman family.

No matter how simple Trenton was, he could figure it out.

The eldest sister was in charge of Newman’s enterprise, so it was still Newman’s enterprise.

If the eldest aunt Brenda and second aunt Amy’s children took over the Newman family, the Newman family would become the Chandler family and the Joyner family.

Camryn covered her younger brother’s mouth, and opened her big beautiful eyes. Even though her eyesight was not good, it didn’t affect the beauty of her eyes at all.

“Trenton, we are brothers and sisters. There is no overnight feud. I do not blame you. Don’t say anything about self-blame, I don’t want to hear it.”


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