The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6801

charlie Wade and the An family did not expect that hank had considered this matter so comprehensively. It seemed that he already had a complete blueprint and was just waiting for the opportunity to put it into action.

Because of this, everyone’s recognition of hank has reached an extreme level, and no one else would want the position of CEO except him.

An Kaifeng smiled and said, “Since everyone has reached a consensus, let’s strike while the iron is hot and finalize it quickly. The An family and the Wade family will jointly invest, and Professor He will serve as the CEO. Let’s work together to make this thing bigger and stronger!”

hank had also made up his mind at this time and did not want to miss such a good opportunity to display his ambitions, so he said, “When I come back from my wedding leave, I will tell the college about my resignation. It shouldn’t take too long. I can participate remotely in the preliminary preparations.”

charlie Wade nodded and said, “Then let my second uncle move forward normally. I will ask the Wade family to send someone to do it. Representatives came to sign an agreement with the An family and make an investment intention. “

Old man An Qishan said: “charlie, tell your grandfather about this matter and see if he is willing to come. We haven’t seen each other for a long time. I have offended him before. Take this opportunity to have a good chat with him and apologize. “

charlie Wade knew what his grandfather meant. After his parents were killed, the An family had always complained about the Wade family, so they ignored the Wade family for so many years. Now that the An family and charlie Wade have reunited, they also know more about the inside story of all the years, so naturally they don’t have so much resentment towards Lord Wade.

It was precisely because he had ignored Lord Wade before that An Qishan wanted to take this opportunity to reconcile with the Wade family. Although his daughter and son-in-law were gone, his grandson was still there, so the two families were still in-laws and relatives.

Since they were relatives, it was reasonable for them to visit each other more often.

After hearing this, charlie Wade also hoped that the two families could truly reconcile. In the past, he also blamed his grandfather for driving his parents out of the house, but later he realized that everything was done intentionally by his father in order not to drag them down, so the resentment in his heart had disappeared. Although he had become the actual head of the Wade family, from the perspective of outsiders, the head of the family was still his grandfather, so he might as well take this opportunity to ask his grandfather to come to Aurous Hill so that the two sides could have a good reunion.

So he agreed and said, “Okay grandpa, I’ll call grandpa in a minute to see what he thinks. I don’t think he will refuse. When the time is set, we can have a meal together and have a good chat.”

“Okay!” An Qishan nodded heavily and said with emotion, “Over the years, the An family has indeed been a bit too much towards Lord Wade. When the time comes, we will toast him a glass of wine and apologize to him in person!

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