The Divine Urban Physician – Chapter 492

Chapter 492: Six Versus One (Part 1)

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To face this group of guardians, his current strength was simply insufficient. Therefore, he had to make up the difference with both pills and techniques.

He bent his knees and stomped on the ground as he charged at the two guardians again. He would not allow them to catch their breaths or recover!

His sword struck once again!

This time, the two guardians no longer underestimated Ye Chen, and mobilized all of their true qi, channeling it into two new swords that they had taken out.

Following that, their swords struck toward Ye Chen’s vital points!

If they did not kill this kid today, he would return with a vengeance, and at that time, the guardians would be doomed!

Sword strikes filled the sky as the two sides collided.

As the fight continued, the two of them became more and more shocked, as they realized that Ye Chen was getting stronger and stronger!

How was this possible?

The terrifying clashes between the two sides almost resulted in their new weapons being destroyed!

The moment the two of them were sent flying, Ye Chen activated the Azure Dragon Phantom Body technique and aimed at their vital points…


His anger had been bottled up for too long, so unleashing his rage at these hypocrites felt very cathartic. Something within him was triggered, and as he danced across the battlefield, his killing intent grew stronger and stronger.

He then unleashed the first move of the Heaven-Splitting Sword!


The true qi in his dantian erupted at this moment as dantian completely exploded at this moment. With a soft hum, the sword strike descended from the sky like a bolt of lightning!

As a dragon’s roar resounded, the power of the blood dragon was infused into the sword strike.

Sword qi materialized around his body, strengthening his aura even further.

His killing intent was monstrous!

This was Ye Chen’s Dao!


The two guardians looked at everything in front of them and shouted in fear.

What the f*ck was going on? Were true soul realm experts really going to be killed by a mere unity realm cultivator?


Their eyes narrowed in despair as they mobilized every last ounce of strength they had to withstand the attack.


Three swords collided, and two of them shattered. However, the momentum of the first sword had not abated!


There was the sound of flesh being torn apart!

“How can your sword possess such strength…”

The life force in the eyes of the two guardians dissipated unwillingly, as they breathed their last unwillingly.

Ye Chen’s eyes were cold as he panted heavily. At the same time, he swallowed another pill.

“You all created your own rules from your high and mighty pedestal. However, since those rules don’t suit me, I’ll break them myself!”


The death of the two guardians shocked everyone into silence!

In less than ten days, four guardians had fallen! And one young man had been responsible for all four of them!

Even Fang Zhenye and Bao Peimin stopped fighting, their hearts in turmoil.

No one had expected this outcome!

Even if these two guardians were not the strongest, they should have been more than enough to deal with this brat!


Fang Zhenye’s face turned completely ashen. When he finally came back to his senses, he shouted at the remaining five people from his faction, “Kill him! Attack together!”

Then, he looked at Sun Miao.

“Are you really going to sit by and do nothing? You can see how dangerous this kid is! We can’t let him live!”

He thought that Sun Miao would make a move, but to his surprise, Sun Miao actually pretended not to hear his words, and seemed completely indifferent to the whole situation.

Could it be that this person wanted to watch them fight, and then reap the benefits later?

Fang Zhenye’s expression turned cold. He forced out a drop of blood essence and formed a seal with his fingers.

“Condense the formation!”

The ground shook as fallen leaves were blown away!

Bao Peimin instantly noticed what was going on and quickly said to Ye Chen, “Ye Chen, this is the Six Paths Ultimate Formation, which doubles the strength of six people within the formation. These despicable people!”

Before he could finish speaking, Sun Miao moved. In the blink of an eye, he appeared behind Bao Peimin and performed a few hand seals!

Bao Peiming did not expect Sun Miao to attack him, and was taken completely by surprise. He felt as if his entire body was being controlled by a mysterious force.

If he was not injured, he might still be able to break Sun Miao’s seal, but it was not possible in his current state.

Sun Miao supported Bao Peimin as they walked toward the pavilion.

“Don’t be stubborn. We have already lost too many guardians. Now is not the time for internal strife. Please forgive me!”

In Sun Miao’s eyes, preserving his faction was paramount. If he did not act now, then Bao Peimin would die!

His faction could not afford to lose any more people!

Moreover, there were too many variables when it came to Ye Chen. It was too dangerous to keep him alive!

Bao Peimin wanted to struggle, but Elder Wan and the others held him down.

Elder Wan said, “Old Bao, stop. It’s not worth it to offend others for a person who will definitely die!”

Bao Peimin was about to speak when Sun Miao said, “I can guarantee you that we will remain neutral and not help either side. As for whether he lives or dies, it will depend on that kid’s luck!”

He looked at Ye Chen, who was surrounded by six people. The young man’s fate seemed to have already been written in stone. Not to mention Ye Chen, even Sun Miao would not be able to survive while fighting these six once they were augmented by the formation.

Ye Chen’s existence and actions ran contrary to the interests of the guardians. Moreover, Ye Chen definitely possessed a great opportunity and secrets..

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