The Divine Urban Physician – Chapter 493

Chapter 493: Six Versus One (Part 2)

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This secret would eventually fall into his hands.

At that moment, Ye Chen’s expression was cold as he looked at the six people around him.

This was destined to be a tough battle!

Fang Zhenye and the other five people were extremely angry. Their eyes were bloodshot!

“Ye Chen, you’ve killed my men again and again. Today, I’ll see how you survive the Six Paths Ultimate Formation!”

“Also, after you die, your little girlfriend in Xiangjiang and your mother in

Capital City will all die!”

“Oh right, and your father. Didn’t you want to know your father’s whereabouts?

I’m sorry, I’ve already sent him to hell in advance.”

Fang Zhenye laughed coldly. What he wanted to do was to provoke Ye Chen’s anger. Angry people would never be rational!

Of course, he did try to kill Ye Tianzheng, but for some reason, a mysterious force had saved Ye Tianzheng every single time!

“You’re courting death! I don’t care what kind of formation you have, I’ll just break it!”

He activated the Azure Dragon Phantom Body technique and charged towards

the six of them!

The six guardians roared, and a powerful aura erupted from their bodies, which caused the entire mountain peak to tremble.

Following that, six swords rapidly floated in the air. With this formation, they believed that Ye Chen stood no chance!

Ye Chen’s expression turned grave as he sensed the power of the formation.

Any one of these six guardians was far stronger than the two guardians from before!

He no longer hesitated and tried to swallow another pill!

“Don’t let him recover!” Fang Zhenye shouted.

A dart tore through the air and pierced the medicinal pill in Ye Chen’s hand.

At the same time, the six swords converged and seemed to form a thousand-foot-long sword that slashed toward Ye Chen!

Ye Chen did not have time to consume any more pills, so he could only meet the attack with the Dragonslayer Sword.


The Dragonslayer Sword shook violently, and Ye Chen’s feet sank a meter deep under the impact of this attack.

At the same time, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Attack together!”

The six of them charged straight at Ye Chen!

Ye Chen did not dare to be careless, and focused on defending himself from their flurry of attacks. He was now on the defensive, which was to be expected given that he was up against six enemies.


Ye Chen felt pain shoot through his arms as he repeatedly blocked the attacks and retreated.

He was in an extremely sorry state!

“Ye Chen, what else do you have to say now?’

“You’re just an ant. However, since you’ve forced the six of us to work together

to kill you, you can consider your death worthy!”

Fang Zhenye roared, and the six of them charged at Ye Chen again, this time exhibiting even more power!

Sun Miao and the others looked at the scene in front of them and shook their heads helplessly. Since when did Huaxia’s guardians have to bully others with numbers?

However, it had to be said that Ye Chen was truly rather heaven-defying to have lasted this long.

Ye Chen’s clothes were already torn, and there were even a few bloodstains.

He panted heavily. There was not much true qi left in his dantian. Using the third sword move of the Heaven-Splitting Sword was no longer an option, but he could still use the second move.

“Let’s go all out!”

The six swords slashed toward Ye Chen!

“Blood Dragon, come out!”

The blood dragon charged out of Ye Chen’s body and rushed toward the six guardians led by Fang Zhenye!

They were completely taken aback by this… This kid still had more trump cards? What was going on?

The powerful blood dragon aura broke through their attacks and swept away their swords, even breaking some of them in the process.

“Blood Dragon, return!”

As Ye Chen’s angry voice fell, the blood dragon rushed into the Dragonslayer

Sword. At the same time, he unleashed the second move of the

Heaven-Splitting Sword…

“Falling Stars!”

However, before he could fully unleash the sword move, Fang Zhenye reacted and hurriedly said, “Everyone, force out your blood essence and condense it. Don’t let this kid use this attack!”


Instantly, six streams of blood essence erupted, and a clap of thunder was heard overhead.

At the same time, a black sword appeared in Fang Zhenye’s hand…

As soon as the black sword appeared, all of the weapons trembled…

Even the Dragonslayer Sword!

Ye Chen’s eyes narrowed and he exclaimed, “The Soul Suppressing Sword!”


The very next moment, the Dragonslayer Sword flew out of his hand!

In the face of the majesty and strength of the Soul Suppressing Sword, all other spiritual swords were forced to submit.

Without a sword, how could he resist?

A smile appeared on Fang Zhenye’s face!

He formed a hand seal with his fingers, and the six streams of blood essence were infused into the Soul Suppressing Sword.

A sense of crisis engulfed Ye Chen!

Even before the Soul Suppressing Sword attacked, its powerful aura swept across his body, causing immense pain.

He had never thought that this sword would be so terrifying!

“Brat, since you made me use this sword, consider your death worthwhile! Haha!”


The Soul Suppressing Sword flew toward Ye Chen, leaving huge cracks in the ground in its wake!


Ye Chen was unwilling!

How much hardship had he endured, and how much blood, sweat and tears had he put in to achieve what he had today?

Ye Chen did not want to die.

Ignoring the pain he felt, he circulated the Nine Heaven Arcane Sun technique, and the blood dragon rushed out to protect him!

“Huph! An ant trying to shake a tree, overestimating his own strength! Seeing that Ye Chen was trying to resist, Fang Zhenye’s lips curled into a disdainful sneer.

The Soul Suppressing Sword had already appeared in front of Ye Chen!

In everyone’s eyes, there was no hope for Ye Chen to survive! In fact, no one could!

They watched in anticipation, waiting to see the scene of Ye Chen’s death. The sword was about to reach Ye Chen’s body, when suddenly…

It stopped an inch away from Ye Chen!

It no longer advanced! Just like that, it floated quietly in the air!

It was as if the Soul Suppressing Sword was examining the young man in front of it curiously!

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