The Strongest War God – Chapter 734

Chapter 734: She has Woken Up!

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Kieran Normand joined forces with Zavier Leach to mobilize the elites of the Ministry of War and the Military Department to regroup. He even used the 500,000 hot-blooded men under Sawyer Quail to join the reserve army.

As the Kingdom War was about to begin, the various departments were mobilized.

Syrus Yanagi and the other bad boys were brought back to the capital by Martial Emperor Yanagi.

However, there were also some who were disobedient.

The Sovereign King of Perpetual Darkness, Harvey Lay, was someone who often talked back to Braydon Neal. He did not care about the so-called war at


Frediano Jadanza and Jonah Shaw also left Mount Tanish to look for his brother, Braydon.

In the vast night, Braydon brought Sadie Dudley back to the northern desert.

On Mount Bliz, there was a wooden house. There was an old tree planted in front of the courtyard, and a swing was hanging from it.

The old tree swing was still there, and nothing on Mount Bliz had changed.

Only Sadie, the girl from Mount Bliz, was hanging by a thread.

Braydon carried Sadie and gently pushed open the wooden house.

The room was filled with the smell of books and was spotless. Braydon could vaguely imagine Sadie cleaning the room every day when he was away from Mount Bliz. She would sit alone in the study room and space out.

Braydon bent down and gently placed her on a simple wooden bed.

Braydon had slept on this wooden bed since he was young.

Sadie closed her eyes tightly. Her eyelashes trembled slightly, and her brows faintly revealed the pain she was in.

Braydon stood by the bed and held her cold and soft hand. He whispered,

“Sadie, we’re home. This is Mount Bliz. I’m back!”

Sadie, who was unconscious, seemed to have heard these words. Her eyebrows slowly relaxed.

Braydon stared at the sleeping beauty in front of him with a deep gaze. He knew that he owed her too much!

Sadie was the master of Kylo!

The most terrifying overlord in the world!

The world was so big, there was nowhere she couldn’t go!

Sadie could go to all the countries in the world, and she would receive the highest level of courtesy.

However, she chose to stay in the north and guard Braydon for thirteen years.

This favor was enough for Braydon to repay it with the rest of his life.

The master of Kylo, whom outsiders revered, gave up everything tonight and chose to protect Braydon with her life!

For the rest of his life, Braydon owed this girl.

Sadie did not owe him anything!

As the sky outside gradually brightened.

Braydon stayed by the bed for the whole night. At the foot of Mount Bliz, a strong male voice came from the side, “Dominic Lowe of the capital has come to see the Garrison King on the orders of the Martial Emperor!”

The relentless capital had sent people over again!

The person sent was Dominic, and he even brought the Northern King Sword.

Lilith Jean quietly appeared outside the door. She no longer had her previous cheekiness and liveliness. She said softly, “Young Master, the capital has sent someone over!”

“I said that there is no more Northern King Neal in this world!” Braydon’s eyes were terrifyingly cold.

Lilith’s delicate body trembled slightly as she quietly retreated.

However, Dominic, this old fox, did not wait at the foot of Mount Bliz. Instead, he chose to ascend Mount Bliz.

Mount Bliz was a forbidden area in the northern territory.

Only the commanders of the Northern Army could climb the mountain.

Dominic had already broken the rules by climbing the mountain.

Under the tree in the small courtyard outside, Dominic raised the Northern King Sword with both hands and said hoarsely, “Dominic Lowe of the capital requests an audience with the Garrison King!”

A deep voice echoed through the wooden house.

Sadie, who was on the bed, frowned slightly and a trace of pain flashed across Braydon whispered softly into her ear, “Sadie, it’s okay. I’ll go out for a while and clean up the fly for you. I won’t let him bother you!”

After saying that.


Braydon had already appeared outside the courtyard. His hand was like a blade, and the blade energy was incomparably sharp.

He raised his hand and slashed at Dominic’s neck!

Donovan Dudley did not leave and followed them to Mount Bliz. He was shocked by the attack. Knowing that Dominic was the duke of the capital, if he were to die on Mount Bliz, it would be a huge problem!

Donovan pulled Dominic and retreated instantly.

In an instant, a seven-meter-long ravine appeared where Dominic was standing, emitting sharp sword Qi.

Braydon truly was tempted to kill.

In the past, Braydon beating up Dominic was considered a joke. But today, Braydon’s actions were filled with a murderous aura.

This was what the Northern King should have done.

Dominic did not know what was wrong with him, but when he spoke, it was as if he was stoking fire, stoking Braydon’s anger!

“Please arm yourself with the Northern King Sword and follow me to pacify the world and appease the mountains and rivers of the nine states!” Dominic said hoarsely.

Braydon ignored his words.

On the contrary.

Braydon glanced at Donovan indifferently and shouted coldly, “Leave Mount Bliz and go back to Kylo!”

“Young Master!”

Donovan broke out in a cold sweat as he cupped his fists and knelt on one knee.

Usually, Braydon would address Donovan as senior because he respected him.

If Braydon didn’t want to address Donovan as his senior, with the identity of the young master of Kylo, he was only second to the master of Kylo. The rest would have to bow when they saw Braydon.

The rules at Mount Kylo were stricter than the outside world.

Donovan knew where he did wrong. He actually dared to save Dominic from Braydon!

This was disrespectful!

Dominic spoke again, “Right now, the four borders are in flames of war. The foreign armies are at the border. Once the border’s defense line is broken, the foreign armies will attack the capital and sweep through more than half of the territory north of the Yara River!

“If that happens, the foreign cavalry will trample on the mountains and rivers of Hansworth, and the flames of war will engulf the world. Who knows how many people will die in the hands of the foreign barbarians!

“Tonight, I invite the Garrison King to take charge of the country. With the Northern King Sword, please gather your old subordinates to defend the mountains and rivers, destroy the foreign army, and raise the prestige of our country!”

After Dominic finished speaking in a hoarse voice, he fell into despair.

Because Braydon’s eyes were so cold that they seemed to have no human emotions.

The Northern King Sword had already been sealed.

Braydon no longer needed it!

Because from now on, there would be no Northern King Neal!

All he was was an obsessed man!

“Get lost!” Braydon spat out.

Dominic’s eyes were filled with disbelief as he said hoarsely, “Last night, when you were carrying the fate of the country, Prime Minister Barett Yearwood suppressed all the powerful families in the capital alone, spilling his blood on the southern gate of the capital!

“The powerful families and the aristocratic families have joined forces. Each of them is a tiger in their own territory!”

Dominic’s eyes were filled with despair.

If the aristocratic and powerful families joined forces to rule the land, it would be an internal problem.

From today onward, the powerful and aristocratic families would listen to the orders but still do whatever they pleased.

Internal and external troubles erupted once again.

One could imagine how much pressure the capital was under.

Braydon turned around and returned to the wooden house. He closed the door and said coldly, “Leave Mount Bliz within ten seconds. Otherwise, your heads will fall to the ground!”

Braydon’s cold words were his response to the capital.

Even now, the capital still dared to send people over?

Because of the Mount Tanish title conferment ceremony, Sadie’s life was on the line. It would be a lie to say that Braydon was not angry at his teacher, Martial Emperor Yanagi, and the capital!

Dominic found it hard to accept. He did not understand why Braydon would be like this.

In the end, Donovan pulled him away.

If they did not leave now, Dominic would definitely bleed on Mount Bliz.

In the wooden house, the eyelashes of the girl in white on the sickbed fluttered slightly as she slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes seemed to be untainted by the mortal world.

Sadie had woken up!

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