The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6398

Chen Zhimin’s eyes were dazed for a moment, and then he said with an authentic expression, “I understand!”

charlie Wade asked him, “I ask you, why did Po Qinghui not stop after my parents died? Place you and my little aunt in my grandpa’s house?!”

Chen Zhimin shook his head, “I don’t know… I only know that the year your parents passed away, we had already received training tasks, with a total of nearly sixty A ‘scholar’ participated in the training. The purpose of the training is to successfully combine with your aunt and your uncle in the future, but we don’t know why the British Master did this.”

charlie Wade frowned and asked again, “Sara asked you to My grandpa’s family has been hiding for so long, why did he suddenly turn against me and want to kill my grandpa’s whole family?!”

Chen Zhimin said with a blank look on his face, “This… I don’t know… From what I can guess, he may want me to take over smoothly. Anjia, once all the An family dies and I take over the entire Anjia, then the Anjia is equivalent to breaking the Qinghui Association.”

charlie Wade shook his head, “Impossible. Even I put money in my eyes, and Sara is even more impossible! She There must be other reasons for doing this!”

Chen Zhimin said, “I don’t know about this. In fact, the information we can get is very limited. After the organization sent us out, we have been living in the world, and our contact with the organization is through secrets. Since the day we left the organization, we haven’t gone back, so I don’t know what the British Master is thinking…”

charlie Wade nodded slightly, trying to figure out why it took so long to break through. After investing so much energy in targeting the grandfather’s family, there is no hope for Chen Zhiming. He can only look for opportunities to explore the truth in the future.

Today, the most important thing for me is to take Zhou Liangyun away from the hospital safely after the Rothschild family gives up on holding him accountable, and at the same time find another opportunity to kill the loyal uncle.

As for Chen Zhimin, killing him was nothing more than a hook and was completely insignificant.

The rest can be discussed in the long term.

So, he thought for a moment, and a plan emerged in his heart, so he ordered Chen Zhimin, “You help me mobilize a helicopter, then say hello to the person in charge of Manhattan Hospital, and tell him that in a few hours, your The helicopter will land on the helipad on the top floor of Manhattan Hospital to pick up a patient and let him make arrangements.”

Chen Zhimin said without thinking, “Okay, the helicopter is simple, I can make arrangements now.”

charlie Wade asked, “Just leave the helicopter on standby. , and follow my instructions for the rest.”

Chen Zhimin nodded subconsciously, “Okay! I’ll arrange it.”

charlie Wade asked him again, “Send a message to Uncle Sean and tell him that you just got reliable inside information. In two or three days, Hours later, the court may go to the hospital to announce Peter Zhou’s acquittal, and the FBI should have withdrawn by then, asking him to wait patiently for this opportunity and not to act blindly!”

Chen Zhimin immediately followed suit and sent a text message to Uncle Sean.

Uncle Sean in the ward saw the text message and immediately replied with surprise, “Zhimin, is this news true?”

Chen Zhimin responded according to charlie Wade’s request, “It’s 100% true! Uncle Sean just needs to be patient and wait a little longer. , I will definitely wait for the best time to take action.”

“Okay!” Sean said without thinking, “Then I will wait until he is acquitted before I take action against him!”

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