The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6399

After making the plan, charlie Wade took off his doctor’s clothes and returned to the ward where Hank was.

The next thing he had to do was wait patiently for the judge to come to the hospital with complete legal documents and declare Zhou Liangyun not guilty on the spot.

Now, the Sifang Baozhuang is almost back to China. As long as Zhou Liangyun is taken away safely and Chen Zhimin and Sean are killed, charlie Wade’s trip to the United States will be considered a success.

To be sure, charlie Wade specifically asked Chen Zhimin to rent a business jet that could fly directly to China in his own name, and asked the business jet to apply for a direct route to Yanjing and be on standby at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport.

late at night.

After sorting out all the documents, the New York justice personally took the documents with him, along with several court staff and Brooklyn jail staff, and rushed to Manhattan Hospital.

The elderly justice did not have to be in such a hurry. It was in line with American judicial procedures to wait until the normal court session tomorrow to announce Zhou Liangyun’s acquittal.

But this time, the reputation of the Rothschild family was greatly affected, and the power of the Zhou Manor was mysteriously cut off, which made Howard very worried that the Sifang Baozhuan had been taken out of the Zhou Manor, so he also urgently hoped that Quickly release Zhou Liangyun, and then keep an eye on Zhou Liangyun’s every move. He felt that maybe he could get the Sifang Baozhu back in this way. So

, the justice hurried over.

charlie Wade was in the ward, relying on his excellent hearing to monitor every move in Zhou Liangyun’s ward.

Uncle Sean in the opposite ward seemed to have slightly inferior facial features, so he chose to release some spiritual energy for perception.

The justice led the staff into the ward, and under the witness of the FBI and staff, said to Zhou Liangyun, “Peter Zhou, the Rothschild family admitted that the previous case against you for stealing antiques was a misunderstanding. After emergency deliberations in the court, We have decided to withdraw the prosecution against you. From now on, you will be free.”

Bo Sean, who was monitoring the ward with his spiritual energy, couldn’t help but think to himself, “Chen Zhimin’s information is indeed accurate, and the person named Zhou will be acquitted!”

At this time ! , Zhou Liangyun on the hospital bed was also shocked.

He did not expect that the Rothschild family would retract their confession so quickly.

In the past few days since he met charlie Wade, Zhou Liangyun had no news about charlie Wade, and he didn’t know whether charlie Wade had brought the Sifang Baozhu out of the United States. Now the judge suddenly wanted to acquit him, and he was the first to The idea was to find a way to contact charlie Wade.

However, the next second he felt that he must not take the initiative to contact charlie Wade. The Rothschild family now released themselves, just like those hunters digging wild bee nests in the mountains and forests. They would tie a wasp to the body. feathers and then release the wasp back into the nest to find the location of the hive.

He believes that the Rothschild family should have the same plan now.

Seeing that he didn’t speak, the judge said, “In addition, Mr. Zhou, all the cost of your treatment here will be borne by the Rothschild family. If you need to continue treatment, all the expenses will be covered by them;” “

There is also something about The Rothschild family has offered a settlement of US$30 million for the personal injuries, physical and mental losses you suffered while in prison. If you agree, they will arrange for a lawyer to come over and negotiate the compensation with you. If you are right If you are not satisfied with this amount, you can file a lawsuit in court at any time.”

The judicial system of the United States is different from that of the East, especially China, in many ways.

The biggest difference may be the issue of compensation.

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