The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6400

In China, the definition of compensation is often based on per capita income as a reference.Therefore, it is often not very high, but in the United States, once the nature and impact are severe, the compensation may be sky-high.

A few years ago, an American airline beat an Asian doctor on a plane and dragged him off the plane. The incident was exposed on the Internet and caused a huge negative impact. In the end, the two parties reached a settlement, and the amount was not disclosed to the public. It was clearly disclosed, but according to information reported by many channels, the compensation is likely to be US$1.4 billion.

This kind of compensation is unimaginable in China, but it is not uncommon in the United States.

Since the Rothschild family considers themselves unlucky and admits that it is their fault against their will, then according to the conventions of American society, Zhou Liangyun can immediately claim huge compensation from them.

Moreover, given the influence of this incident, as long as the lawyers are professional enough, it is not difficult for the Rothschild family to pay a compensation of US$300 million.

However, Zhou Liangyun said very plainly at this time, “There is no need for compensation. Please tell the Rothschild family’s lawyers and ask them to prepare an unconditional settlement agreement. I am willing to sign it.” The

justice was stunned and couldn’t help but said, ” Mr. Zhou, are you sure you want to settle unconditionally? Although my status does not allow me to say too much, as this case has developed so far, people all over the United States are paying attention to you. If you do not want compensation, this… is somewhat inappropriate. …”

Since the Rothschild family has chosen to acquit Zhou Liangyun, they must give Zhou Liangyun a reasonable compensation based on both emotion and reason. Only in this way can the people who are paying attention to this matter feel satisfied and turn their attention away with satisfaction. open.

However, if Zhou Liangyun does not receive compensation, whether the Rothschild family does not pay it or he does not want it, this matter will make the concerned people feel like they are stuck in their throats and they will never be able to let it go.

The justice has a close relationship with the Rothschild family, so he naturally does not want this matter to leave a trace in the end. As long as the two parties can reconcile the matter with a result that satisfies the public, the matter will slowly fade out of the public eye. , eventually no one will remember it.

So, he advised Zhou Liangyun, “Mr. Zhou, I know that your family is also a wealthy family and doesn’t care much about money, but I still hope you will consider this matter carefully. You have been wronged and tortured, and you deserve to receive the money.” Compensation, and the Rothschild family has substantially harmed you, they should indeed be given adequate compensation and pay a heavy price for this.”

Zhou Liangyun shook his head gently, smiled and said, “Compensation is really unnecessary, if I take them If I have money, and a lot of money, everyone’s mentality towards this matter will change dramatically. From the beginning, everyone will sympathize with me and be willing to complain for me, gradually change, and finally evolve into envy and jealousy of me. , even want to replace me and become me;” “

In this process, the perpetrator will gradually no longer be the perpetrator in their eyes, but become a giver of wealth and wealth. This is the same as Everything I hope for is the opposite, and I cannot accept it!”

The justice asked in surprise, “Mr. Zhou, what exactly do you hope for?”

Zhou Liangyun raised his voice and said seriously, “What I hope is that everyone can always remember Regarding this matter, remember that the Rothschild family is a trampler of American law, remember that they used public weapons for private purposes, firmly controlled the entire prison in their own hands, and remembered that they abused lynching to torture others to achieve their own goals;”

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