The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6401

said Here, Zhou Liangyun said with some excitement, “I hope people can remember that their ancestors used extremely shameful means to plunder a large amount of wealth from the East and China. This

and caused countless tragic casualties. I hope people will always remember that the sins of their ancestors are too numerous to describe!

“So, I can’t ask for their money, let alone want it! ” “

The justice was a little embarrassed for a moment. If Zhou Liangyun really doesn’t want a penny, then his refusal to compensate will definitely trigger public discussion again, and when people discuss this matter, they will think in their hearts that it must be The Rothschild family has caused him too much harm, so he completely ignores the temptation of high money and is determined not to get a penny from the Rothschild family.

In this case, the Rothschild family will be even more passive in public opinion. . 

At this time, the prison staff who had been silent for a long time came up quickly and said respectfully, “Hello, Mr. Zhou, I am Brian, the deputy warden of Brooklyn Prison.” White, on behalf of the Brooklyn Jail, I would like to sincerely apologize for all the injustice you suffered in the Brooklyn Jail, and I would like to say that if you need it, we will also pay compensation for the unfair treatment you have suffered… …”

Zhou Liangyun said, “Don’t worry, after this incident passes, I will not seek compensation from any party, whether it is the Rothschild family, the Brooklyn Prison, or the entire judicial system of the United States. “

As he spoke, he asked Brian, “Now that I have been acquitted, can my personal belongings be returned to me?

“Yes, yes, of course! ” “

Brian nodded repeatedly without thinking, and then took out a prison-specific storage bag from the suitcase he carried with him. It also had a seal and Zhou Liangyun’s personal information on it.

He handed the storage bag to Zhou Liangyun and said, “Zhou Liangyun Sir, your personal belongings are all here. Please check them to see if there is anything missing. “

Zhou Liangyun opened the storage bag and rummaged around inside. He mainly cared about his mobile phone, and other things didn’t matter.

Then he tried to open his mobile phone. After long pressing the power button, the mobile phone entered The startup page appeared.

Zhou Liangyun looked up at the justice and Brian and asked, “Has anyone read the information on my phone? “

“how could be? Brian said quickly, “These things have been sealed in Brooklyn Prison since you were arrested. We have never opened them, so how could we read your mobile phone information.” “

As he spoke, Brian pointed to the seal on it and said, “Look at the information on the seal, it was affixed on the day you were sent to Brooklyn Prison. Zhou

Liangyun said calmly, “The seal can be faked. You are colluding with the Rothschild family. You can even put the entire prison at their disposal, not to mention my mobile phone.” “

Before I was arrested, my mobile phone had automatically shut down due to low battery, but now it can not only be turned on, but also has 70% of the battery. This proves that someone has connected this mobile phone with a data cable;”

“Since you collected my personal belongings and sealed them in this storage bag, who was so considerate as to help me charge my phone? “

Brian was speechless for a moment.

In fact, he knew very well that not to mention Zhou Liangyun’s mobile phone, even Zhou Liangyun’s home had been searched by the Rothschild family countless times. Of course, they don’t know how to use mobile phones. Important clues that had been missed.

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