The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6402

In fact, this phone had long been cracked by Rothschild hackers and all the data and information in it had been copied.

However, when Zhou Liangyun switched the package to Sifang Baozhuang, he guessed that the phone must be It’s the other party’s key investigationThe target, so I prepared a response in advance and deleted all valuable clues.

The battery on his phone was out of order, and he did it on purpose, in order to prove whether the other party would check his phone and whether the other party would act as carefully as he did.

Right now, the phone still has 70% of power after it is turned on, which means that the other party is not as careful as you are in doing things. If you do it yourself, since the phone is out of power, you must also copy the data after copying the data. Let the phone drain all its power and shut down automatically.

Therefore, at this moment, Zhou Liangyun was completely relieved.

Seeing the neglectful side of the Rothschild family, he firmly believed that charlie Wade must have a way to take the Sifang Treasure House out of New York under the strict defense of the Rothschild family.

Maybe, it is already on its way back to China!

At this time, the justice on the side was also embarrassed and quickly promised, “Mr. Zhou, please don’t worry, I will report this matter to the New York police and let them investigate it thoroughly to see who has used your mobile phone. “

Zhou Liangyun smiled slightly and said magnanimously, “Forget it, Chief Justice, I won’t pursue this matter.”

The Chief Justice and Brian let out a sigh of relief at the same time. If this matter spreads, it will be another scandal in the judicial department. , if it triggers a chain reaction again, the consequences will be really unbearable.

So the chief judge quickly handed the document to Zhou Liangyun and said, “If Mr. Zhou has no objection to the acquittal, please sign this. After signing, the document will take effect immediately and you will be free.”

Zhou Liangyun nodded . , picked up the pen and signed his name on the signature.

The justice collected the documents and asked, “Now that Mr. Zhou has regained his freedom, what are his plans next? Should he stay here to continue treatment, or should he leave here and go elsewhere?”

Zhou Liangyun hesitated for a while.

He knew that if he left here, he would be targeted by the Rothschild family.

However, his injuries had long been healed by charlie Wade, so there was no point in staying here. He couldn’t stay in the hospital for the rest of his life just because he was afraid of retaliation.

At this time, the person in charge of the FBI said, “Now that Mr. Zhou has been acquitted, our work has come to an end. Our people will evacuate in ten minutes.” The

FBI is not really here to stay. In order to protect Zhou Liangyun.

Prior to this, Zhou Liangyun was a prisoner with a sensitive identity who was seeking medical treatment outside the country. The FBI really did not dare to let him make any mistakes, otherwise the entire American judicial system would be in disgrace.

But the situation is different now. Zhou Liangyun has regained his freedom, and the FBI naturally has no need to continue to protect him. If there is any problem with his personal safety in the future, the pressure will naturally be on the New York police or other local police, and Of course the FBI has nothing to do with it.

Zhou Liangyun naturally knew that the FBI would not always protect him, but he had already put his life and death aside. Now that he had regained his freedom, he thought about it and decided to buy the earliest ticket to leave the United States and return to China.

Since the Rothschild family members have already released themselves, there is a high probability that they will not be able to stop them from leaving the United States. Anyway, they set off empty-handed, as long as they can make sure that they have not taken away the Sifang Treasure Building.

At this moment, his mobile phone suddenly received a message from an unknown number. The content of the message was Uncle Zhou. After the FBI leaves, go directly to the rooftop of the hospital. I will take you back to China. “

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