The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6403

When Zhou Liangyun saw this text message, he immediately guessed that this message must be from charlie Wade.

charlie Wade had help from the Fei family in the United States, and he also had core members of the Rothschild family under his control, so it was easy to get his mobile phone number.

But Zhou Liangyun didn’t expect that charlie Wade would be so precise in his timing.

Not long after his cell phone was turned on, his text message was sent.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but secretly wonder, “Could Master Wade be nearby?”

Zhou Liangyun guessed correctly.

It was precisely because charlie Wade heard the conversation between several people and knew that Zhou Liangyun’s phone was turned on that he asked Lin Waner (Alani), who was far away in China, to use an untraceable virtual number to send this message to Zhou Liangyun, in order to send a signal to Zhou Liangyun. , let him know that he will definitely save him. If

Zhou Liangyun was not willing to leave the United States a few minutes ago, according to his thinking, since he has been found guilty, he will have to complete his sentence in the United States. After being released from prison, he would return to China cleanly.

But the situation is different now. The justice has acquitted him in person. He can leave the United States at any time without being charged as a fugitive.

So, he immediately replied with a message. The message was very simple, only two words, thank you.

He also knew that although the other party’s number could not be traced, the content of the text messages had been stored in the servers of American Communications Company, and the Rothschild family and other rich and powerful people could retrieve this information at any time.

Therefore, your reply must not reveal any information related to charlie Wade.

After replying to the message, Zhou Liangyun put it on his cell phone and said a little tiredly, “Thank you for your efforts these days, but since I have been acquitted now, please leave. I want to take a rest alone.”

Justice Seeing that it was already very late, he said, “Okay, Mr. Zhou, you have a good rest first. After I let you have a good rest about the reconciliation, let the Rothschild family lawyer come to talk to you, or let Rothschild People from the De family can talk to you directly.”

Zhou Liangyun didn’t want to waste any more words with him, so he nodded and said, “Okay, let’s talk about it another day.”

The justice and his entourage then said goodbye and left, and the person in charge of the FBI also took out a piece of paper Agreement, and said to Zhou Liangyun, “Mr. Zhou, please sign this document to prove that your life and health have not been threatened in any way during the entire process that we were ordered to protect your safety.”

Zhou Liangyun nodded and wrote himself on it. name.

Other FBI agents also began to pack up their equipment and planned to evacuate in ten minutes.

Now that Zhou Liangyun has been acquitted and he has no other objections to the FBI’s evacuation, his subsequent safety issues have nothing to do with the FBI.

At this moment, Uncle Sean in ward 1707 has already started gearing up.

In his opinion, as long as the FBI evacuates, it will be easy for him to catch Zhou Liangyun. He only needs to control him and take him to the rooftop, and the rest will be left to Chen Zhimin.

Just as he was thinking about it, Chen Zhimin used his own software to send him a message, which read, “Uncle Sean, my subordinates have made arrangements. The helicopter will land on the top floor of the hospital shortly. In addition, I have also bribed Peter Zhou. Zhou Peter’s friend made Zhou Peter think that the helicopter was arranged by his friend. After the helicopter lands, he will go to the top floor. You will follow him and wait and see what happens. If he notices something abnormal, you will directly catch him on the helicopter!”

Uncle Sean was surprised ! Chen Zhimin replied with a message, “It’s that simple?”

Chen Zhimin replied, “Yes, it’s that simple.”

Sean replied doubtfully, “Why should the Lord ask you and me to work together for something that can be done so easily?With your ability, you can handle it alone. “

Chen Zhimin replied, “What you are talking about is that if everything goes well, if there is an unexpected situation, it may not be foolproof based on the abilities of my subordinates. The British Lord asked you to come over, presumably for the sake of extra insurance. “

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