The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6404

Uncle Sean felt somewhat uneasy.

He still didn’t quite believe that this task could be accomplished so easily.

So, he warned himself in his heart, “You must keep an eye on the person named Zhou, and you must be careful about the surrounding environment. Be careful and careful, there must be no mistakes or mistakes! “

A few minutes later, a helicopter fell from the sky and landed steadily on the apron on the top floor of Manhattan Hospital.

In the cockpit of the helicopter, in addition to the pilot, there was also Chen Zhimin.

Chen Zhimin drove in advance according to charlie Wade’s request After meeting the pilot, they took a helicopter to the roof of Manhattan Hospital.

As soon as the helicopter landed, Chen Zhimin said to the pilot, “There is no need to turn off the helicopter. You go first. I will just wait here.”

The pilot asked with a puzzled look on his face, “Mr. Chen…you…can you fly a helicopter? ” Chen

Zhimin said lightly, “Nonsense, if I didn’t know how, why would I let you go first?” “

The pilot is not a member of the Qingqing Association. He is just a pilot for a general aviation company owned by Anjia. The company he works for and the helicopter he drives are all Anjia’s properties.

Moreover, this general aviation company has always been managed by Chen Zhimin , so the pilot did not dare to disobey him.

So, the pilot quickly said, “Okay, Mr. Chen, I will leave first. If you need anything, call me anytime.” “

After that, he took off his noise-canceling headphones, waved to Chen Zhimin under the roar of the helicopter, opened the door and jumped in. The roar

of the helicopter engine made Uncle Sean on the 17th floor start to fight. He was very energetic.

He knew that Zhou Liangyun might leave here soon, so he focused all his attention on Zhou Liangyun in Ward 1701, for fear that anything would happen to this person again. At

this time, the FBI had also packed up its equipment. They were preparing to evacuate one after another.

charlie Wade knew very well that Uncle Sean’s aura was mainly monitoring Ward 1701 and Zhou Liangyun in the ward. With limited energy, it was impossible to monitor many people at the same time, so he left Ward 1708 in a big way. , first went to the emergency room, and then repeated his old trick, disguised as a doctor, came out of the emergency room and went directly to ward 1701.

When he was approaching ward 1707, charlie Wade could feel that Uncle Sean was monitoring him with spiritual energy, but He was not worried, because he had already interacted with Uncle Sean before, and he should not arouse his suspicion.

So, he stopped at the door of ward 1707 and lightly knocked on the door.

Uncle Sean quickly came out from inside Opening the door, he asked charlie Wade warily, “Is something wrong, doctor?” charlie Wade said, “

Hello, sir, Mr. Chen asked me to take the patients from 1701 to the rooftop. He asked me to say hello to you first, saying that the helicopter has been prepared on the rooftop, and asked you to follow him.”

Uncle Sean frowned and asked, “What else did he say? ” “

charlie Wade shook his head. “I didn’t say anything else. Why don’t you call him and ask. I’ll just send you a message on his behalf. “

Uncle Sean looked at charlie Wade and saw that he

It didn’t look like he was lying, so he thought this was Chen Zhimin’s arrangement.

After all, Chen Zhimin had just told him the specific plan, which coincided with what charlie Wade said.

In his opinion, Chen Zhimin just asked him to come over and convey a message to him in a subtle way so that he could be prepared.

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