The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6407

Uncle Sean never imagined that after practicing Taoism for hundreds of years, he would die so useless!

He has always thought that since he has become a monk, the battle between monks should be a flying magic weapon and a random display of spells. The scene is so big that it is often earth-shattering and earth-shattering. Then this century-old hard work is not in vain!

However, charlie Wade was also a monk, but he didn’t give him any chance to fight.

He directly gave him a one-hit kill with the combination of “quick but unbreakable” and “strength can produce miracles”!

As early as the moment he decided to get rid of Seanbo, charlie Wade realized that he could never fight with Sean in New York.

Not to mention how much attention the fight will attract, whether he can easily kill the opponent is still unknown. If the opponent is really like Chang Shengbo and wants to detonate the Niwan Palace again, he will not be able to resist it.

Therefore, charlie Wade decided to take advantage of Sean Bo’s desire to capture Zhou Liangyun and tailor-made an unusual guillotine for Sean Bo.

The most suitable prop for this guillotine is the helicopter.

Helicopter rotors made of alloy can bring tons or even tens of tons of lift to the helicopter; 

and the engine that drives it can easily release hundreds or even thousands of horsepower.

After the two are combined, it is extremely easy to cut off Sean ‘s head. As long as you seize the opportunity, you can kill him with one blow.

As for Uncle Sean, he suffered the loss of his inexperience. Because charlie Wade suddenly attacked him and gave him no time to react, and his strength was indeed inferior to charlie Wade’s, he didn’t even have a chance to struggle during the whole process.

At this moment, his head had rolled far away, his headless body was still shaking uncontrollably, and the wound as big as the mouth of a bowl was constantly spurting out blood.

charlie Wade didn’t hesitate at all and threw his body directly into the cockpit of the helicopter, letting his blood spray everywhere in the cockpit.

Since the entire murder process was too fast and it was late at night, it was impossible for anyone to see the horrific scene just now.

Uncle Sean’s death was so simple that even his last brief scream of terror was completely covered up by the huge noise of the helicopter’s rotor.

So no one in the entire hospital knew that a murder had just occurred on the rooftop.

After all this was done, charlie Wade turned around without haste, picked up Uncle Sean’s head, and threw it into the cockpit.

Then, he took off his mask and white coat, wiped the blood on his face with a clean part of the white coat, then threw all these things into the cockpit and locked the cockpit door forcefully.

Zhou Liangyun kept watching on the side, his expression a little horrified, but fortunately charlie Wade had already informed him of his plan in the elevator just now, and he knew that the other party was a master of the Qing Society., so I was also expecting charlie Wade to kill the opponent.

Precisely because he was mentally prepared, when he watched the whole process of Bo Sean’s murder with his own eyes, he was still able to stand calmly where he was.

After charlie Wade closed the cabin door, he strode to the cockpit and said to Chen Zhimin who looked dull inside, “Everything is going according to plan.” Chen Zhimin

nodded heavily, “Yes!”

After that, he immediately drove the helicopter up from the ground. Left the hospital.

Thanks to the careful training of Po Qing Hui, although Chen Zhimin does not know martial arts, he has mastered a lot of skills since childhood. He has long been as familiar with flying a helicopter as driving a car.

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