The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6408

After Chen Zhimin flew away, charlie Wade said to Zhou Liangyun, “Uncle Zhou, I didn’t expect that the Sifang Baozhuang incident would disturb the Poqing Association. Even Sara was already on the way over. Now Sifang Baozhuang was taken over by her. Keep an eye on her, until I fail to kill her, I’m afraid you can only live in anonymity.”

Zhou Liangyun smiled slightly and said calmly, “It doesn’t matter, Master wade, where you go or how you live, it doesn’t matter to me, as long as you don’t It doesn’t matter if you leave the name of a fugitive and be reviled. It doesn’t matter if you keep your name anonymous. From now on, I will obey your arrangements.”

charlie Wade nodded and said, “I will send you to Canada first, and then take the road back to Canada. Sifang Baozhuang is expected to arrive in Eastcliff in a few hours. By then, the news of its return to China will be announced through official channels. By then, even if the matter of Sifang Baozhuan has been settled, I think There is a high probability that they won’t bother to hunt you down. As long as you don’t show up, they probably won’t look for you.”

“Okay!” Zhou Liangyun was obviously much more relaxed after hearing this, and sighed, “As long as the Sifang Baozhuang can return When I arrive in China, I can die in peace.”

charlie Wade said, “I will arrange for you to settle in Jinling first. I also have some connections in Jinling, and I will settle you in the safest place first.”

Zhou Liangyun handed over his hand . , said respectfully, “Thank you for your hard work, Master Ye!”

At this time, another helicopter flew over from a distance.

This helicopter is the vehicle of Steve Rothschild.

Previously, charlie Wade took this helicopter to send Chen Zhaozhong and Sifang Baozhuang to Canada.

And this time, charlie Wade will take this helicopter and fly to Canada again with Zhou Liangyun.

Steve Rothschild is sitting in the cabin at the moment, waiting for the helicopter to land smoothly on the roof.

After falling behind, he quickly opened the door, jumped out of the cabin, came to charlie Wade with a diligent look, and said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, please!”

charlie Wade nodded, Zhou Liangyun stretched out his palm with his palm facing the side and said, “You should know Mr. Zhou, don’t you need me to introduce you?”

Steve smiled awkwardly and said quickly, “I know you, of course you know me!”

After that, he hurriedly added He politely said to Zhou Liangyun, “Mr. Zhou, please do the same!

The helicopter climbed quickly and flew quickly towards Canada.

In the cabin, charlie Wade asked Steve, “Does your old man have any objections to your trip to Canada this time?”

Steve hurriedly said, “No objections, of course no objections. Later yesterday, Quanzi was invited to attend the Queen Helena At the private dinner, Queen Helena also expressed her intention to further cooperate with the Rothschild family. As you might expect, the first thing my father thought of was me. He hoped that I could go to Canada this morning to meet Helen. Let’s meet and chat with Queen Helena.”

charlie Wade asked Chen Zhimin to arrange a private jet to fly to China, mainly to deceive others and release smoke to confuse Sara. However, the exit route he planned for Zhou Liangyun was actually to follow Steve to meet Helena first. , and then let Zhou Liangyun follow Helena’s special plane to Northern Europe.

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