The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6409

As the Queen of Northern Europe, Helena has the right to diplomatic immunity and can easily take Zhou Liangyun out of Canada.

That’s why he asked Helena to help send out friendly messages and give Howard a reason to rush to Canada, so that he and Zhou Liangyun could take his helicopter to Canada.

Using Chen Zhimin is to build the plank road openly, but using Steve is to cross Chencang secretly.

At this time, charlie Wade asked him again, “New York is still under martial law?”

“Yes.” Steve nodded, “My father is still hoping that Sifang Baozhuang has not left New York, as long as Sifang Baozhuang’s whereabouts have not been made public. , New York should continue to be under martial law.”

As he spoke, he glanced at Zhou Liangyun on the side, and continued, “He is planning to use a two-pronged approach this time. While continuing to block New York and investigate clues, he will release Mr. Zhou and let Hank keep an eye on him. Keep him close.”

charlie Wade smiled and said, “It seems that these two moves he made are bad moves. Hank doesn’t have time to help him keep an eye on Mr. Zhou now. He should be processing the entire Manhattan Hospital’s monitoring system. Before dawn, Manhattan Hospital All surveillance videos will be completely destroyed with no possibility of restoration, and Mr. Zhou will also temporarily disappear from the American world. No outsiders will know his whereabouts for some time to come.”

Steve laughed along with him and nodded repeatedly. This time he cooperated with charlie Wade and tricked his own father.

Not only did he help charlie Wade transport the Sifang Baozhuang out, but now he also helped charlie Wade transport the Sifang Baozhuang out. The culprit Zhou Liangyun was also transported out. If his father knew these inside stories, he would probably kill him himself and clean up the family.

Thinking that he and charlie Wade were completely welded to death in the same boat, he subconsciously asked, “Mr. Wade , when will the news of the Sifang Baozhu’s return to China be made public? “

charlie Wade looked at the time and smiled and said, “It should be almost done this morning. Don’t worry, I have arranged this matter well and there will never be any mistakes. “

Steve finally breathed a sigh of relief.

As long as Sifang Baozhu doesn’t come back, his position as heir will not be affected in any way, and this stage is over.

At this time, charlie Wade looked at Steve, He smiled and said, “By the way Steve, your father values ​​Sifang Baozhuang so much. If the news of Sifang Baozhuang’s return to China spreads, will his body be able to handle it at such an old age? “

When Steve heard this, he immediately beamed with joy and said, “Mr. Wade, my father has been having trouble sleeping and eating for the Sifang Baozhuang these days. If the Sifang Baozhuang returns to China inexplicably under his nose, I’m afraid he will It was a big hit. 

charlie nodded and said with a smile, “Your father is an old man after all. After this blow, even if it is not life-threatening, he will probably have to stay in bed for a long time to recuperate. He may never recover from this.” If you can’t regain your former radiant state, in that case, you may have to take over the important task of running the Rothschild family in his stead. “

Having said this, charlie Wade looked at Steve meaningfully and said with a smile, “Steve, don’t forget each other if you want to be rich and noble! “

When Steve heard what charlie Wade said, it made so much sense!

The old man had been feeling very anxious during this period. If he was really anxious, maybe he could succeed to the throne in advance.

Even if he couldn’t officially succeed, at least he would be able to succeed. Being able to take care of family affairs, once he can take a step forward, his position as the heir will basically be secure!

Thinking of this, he couldn’t hide his excitement and said to charlie Wade, “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, if I become Rothchild one day The leader of the De family will definitely never forget the help given by Mr. Wade! “

charlie Wade nodded. Seeing Steve’s face full of excitement and expectation, he couldn’t help but think to himself, “Let’s let you be excited for a few days. If you really can’t stand this blow and fall down, I have to find a way to keep it secret.” Give him a hand. Without his checks and balances, you won’t be able to listen to me honestly in the future. “

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