The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6410

Steve was already a little impatient at this time, impatiently looking forward to the moment when the news of Sifang Baozhuan’s return to China was made public. He wanted to see if his old father, who regarded Sifang Baozhuang as his darling, would Will be greatly affected by this.

Although he was embarrassed to say such words, his biggest wish now was to hope that his old father would become paralyzed or simply die under the huge blow.

In that way, he can immediately become the helmsman of the entire Rothschild family. From now on, no one in the Rothschild family can challenge his status and majesty.

When he was full of expectations, he didn’t know that charlie Wade, who was smiling in front of him, was plotting against him in his heart.

At this moment, Chen Zhimin had already driven the helicopter carrying Uncle Sean’s body back to the helicopter airport of Anjia General Aviation Company.

Hank, a former top agent, has also quietly sneaked into the monitoring room of Manhattan Hospital.

After Chen Zhimin landed on the tarmac, he asked the staff to drag the helicopter into the hangar, and then sent the staff out.

Then, he took out his mobile phone and notified the crew waiting for him at JFK Airport, asking them to apply for takeoff directly.

The crew chief was a little confused and asked respectfully: “Mr. Chen, aren’t you going to board the plane?”

Chen Zhimin said: “I have something to do at the moment, so I won’t board the plane. You fly to China first. My wife is there. She will contact you when she arrives. You can just bring her back.”

When the crew chief heard this, he thought that Chen Zhimin had arranged the plane to pick up his wife in China. It was reasonable for Chen Zhimin to let the crew go to China on his own because he had something to do. So the doubts in his mind disappeared and he said respectfully : “Okay Mr. Chen, let’s apply to the tower for launch now and line up for takeoff. I will contact you after we arrive.”

“Okay.” Chen Zhimin hummed and then hung up the phone.

After Hank skillfully destroyed the entire hospital’s surveillance storage system, making all surveillance videos disappear and irrecoverable, he did not return to the ward, but went directly to the top floor of the hospital to clean up the blood stains and some flesh and blood tissue on the top floor. .

After doing all this, he called Howard Rothschild, and his first sentence was: “I’m sorry, sir, Peter Zhou has escaped.”

When Howard heard this, he was furious and blurted out: “Where has he gone? Didn’t I ask you to keep an eye on him in Manhattan Hospital?!”

Hank explained: “He was picked up by a helicopter arranged by An’s son-in-law Chen Zhimin.”

“Chen Zhimin?!” Howard asked angrily: “What? Did the An family also get involved in this matter?!”

Hank said: “I can’t confirm this yet, but it was indeed Chen Zhimin who picked him up, and the helicopter he used was also registered under the name of Anjia’s own general aviation company.”

“Bastard!” Howard gritted his teeth and said, “Is the An family trying to fight against me?”

Hank said: “Sir, as far as I know, direct members of the An family have been to China for a long time, and they have not returned to the United States during this period. Chen Zhimin has the final say here in the United States. I think the An family and This matter should have nothing to do with it.”

Howard said angrily: “I must get to the bottom of this matter! And that Chen Zhimin, find out his whereabouts for me immediately and find out where his helicopter flew to!”

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