The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6411

Hank immediately said: “Okay sir, I will track down his whereabouts! I guess there is a high probability that he will return to Anjia’s general aviation company first, and I will take someone there to investigate!”

“Okay!” Howard gritted his teeth and said, “If there is evidence that the An family is connected to this matter, I must ask them to give me an explanation!”

Hank immediately agreed, and after hanging up the phone, he quickly mobilized several helicopters on standby and headed to Anjia’s general aviation company.

At this time, one of the helicopter hangars of the General Aviation Company.

After Chen Zhimin saw on the flight software that the business jet he had booked took off smoothly and started flying towards Eastcliff, he pulled out the fuel supply pipe specially designed to fill the small helicopter with aviation gasoline from the side of the hangar.

After pulling the fuel supply pipe to the side of the helicopter, he opened the cabin door and directly dragged the fuel supply pipe into the cockpit of the helicopter.

When Chen Zhimin sat down, he placed the fuel supply pipe under his feet and fixed it.

Then he lifted up Seanbo’s body and let him sit on the seat. Then he picked up Seanbo’s head and put it on his severed neck again.

Then, he took an exquisite Dunhill lighter from his pocket, held the lighter in one hand, and touched the fuel supply switch of the fuel supply pipe with the other hand. He remained motionless, as if waiting for something.

Ten minutes later, the roar of helicopters could be heard all around.

When Chen Zhimin heard the sound, he immediately turned on the switch of the fuel supply pipe. A large amount of aviation gasoline suddenly poured into the cabin in an instant, soaking the cabin interior, Chen Zhimin himself and Zhong Yongbo’s body.

At this time, the hangar door was pushed open from the outside. Hank led people to rush in, pointed a gun at the cabin of the helicopter, and shouted: “Chen Zhimin, Zhou Peter! I have seen you! Raise your hand immediately.” Put up your hands and come down, otherwise, I will shoot!”

Chen Zhimin opened the cabin door to a gap, and a large amount of aviation gasoline flowed down the gap to the ground. Chen Zhimin shouted with a sneer: “If you have the guts, just shoot. It’s all aviation gasoline. Shoot, and let’s do it together.” Finished!”

Only then did Hank and the people around him realize that the liquid flowing out of the cabin was actually flammable and explosive aviation gasoline.

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically, and they immediately took a few steps back. Hank shouted loudly: “Chen Zhimin, you are the son-in-law of the An family, and your status is considered noble. You can’t afford to kill yourself for an antique dealer, right?”

Chen Zhimin said disdainfully: “Anjia? Do you think I am working hard for Anjia?”

Hank followed the script assigned to him by charlie Wade and asked in surprise: “You are the son-in-law of the An family. If you don’t work hard for the An family, who else can you work for?”

Chen Zhimin said contemptuously: “You, a dog slave like you, follow Howard Rothschild and don’t seem to know any core secrets. Go back and ask your dog master if he has heard of the Qing Dynasty Meeting!”

“Broken Qinghui?!” Hank had never heard of this name, and asked in surprise: “What does the Qingqinghui do?”

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