The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6414

Before that, charlie Wade had told his grandfather about his plan, and Li Yalin also knew about charlie Wade’s plan.

At the moment, Li Yalin, together with charlie Wade’s two uncles, accompanied the old man to a signing banquet held by a domestic aircraft manufacturer.

After receiving the message from charlie Wade, he came to the old man and whispered in his ear: “Uncle An, there’s a fire. Ronaldinho may call you.”

An Qishan was stunned for a moment, then nodded slightly and said, “I understand.”

charlie Wade’s guess was not wrong.

The panic-stricken Howard had just called everyone back before he picked up his cell phone and called An Qishan who was far away in China.

Originally, although he and An Qishan had little interaction, as the leaders of the two largest families in the United States, they also had contact information with each other.

When An Qishan saw that it was Howard who called, he knew that everything had been guessed by his grandson again. This time, his grandson deliberately wanted to drag the Rothschild family into trouble and let them divert the attention of the Qing Dynasty. Now it seems that this The purpose has been achieved.

So, he went to the lounge provided by the organizer and answered the call from Howard.

As soon as the call came through, Howard couldn’t hide his nervousness and asked: “Brother An, have you been in China recently?”

“Yes.” An Qishan said: “I have been in Eastcliff recently. Brother, do you have anything to do with me?”

Howard asked tentatively: “Brother An, do you know about the Qing Dynasty meeting?”

An Qishan admitted openly: “Of course I know that my eldest daughter and son-in-law were killed by them back then. Our family was almost wiped out by them in New York some time ago. The reason why I came to China is because I am afraid of them. , the An family will not return to the United States for a long time to come.”

After saying that, An Qishan pretended to be curious and asked him: “Brother, why did you suddenly ask about Po Qinghui?”

Howard sighed and said, “I don’t know why, but I suddenly got involved with them.”

As he said that, he suddenly remembered something and said quickly: “By the way, brother, your son-in-law! Chen Zhimin! He is actually a member of the Po Qinghui, did you know?”

An Qishan hummed: “I know, my youngest daughter-in-law is also a member of Poqinghui, and these two people were not instigated by them to rebel halfway. They were both trained by Poqinghui from childhood, and they were trained by Poqinghui more than ten or twenty years ago. , the Po Qing Association will conduct tailor-made special training for my youngest son and daughter, which is really hard to prevent.”

When Howard heard this, he was so frightened that his back went cold, and he blurted out: “Brother, when your child gets married, don’t you do a thorough background check?”

An Qishan said casually: “I checked, but the key point is that eight generations of our ancestors have checked, and nothing has been found. Since they decided to send undercover agents, they can naturally withstand the investigation. The strength of the Qingqing Society is beyond our imagination.” , it’s hard for us to avoid being targeted by them.”

“Oh my God…” Howard blurted out: “Are these people devils? They have spent so many years and put so much effort into sending two undercover agents to your home, and they are still the pillows of your son and daughter. This is too much. It’s terrible…”

“Yeah.” An Qishan sighed and asked him, “Brother, how do you know this?”

Howard said depressedly: “Forget it, an antique was lost at home some time ago. In order to find it, I made a big fuss. Today, my men tracked down the antique dealer who dropped the antique and found out that it was actually your son-in-law Chen Zhimin. Taken away…”

An Qishan sighed: “Brother, you are so confused! You, the Rothschild family, have lost an antique and engaged in such a big fight. Everyone can guess that the thing must have an extraordinary origin, and what will happen to it?” The century-old mysterious organization may have a deep connection with what you lost, so it’s normal for them to target you.”

When Howard heard this, his heart collapsed even more, and he blurted out with some emotion: “The key is that your son-in-law doesn’t play by the rules. I have no other purpose in leading people to chase him. I just want to find that Peter Zhou. In the end, He just set himself on fire, is this necessary?”

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