The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6415

An Qishan could tell that when Howard said the last words, he almost collapsed.

  So he pretended to be surprised and asked: “Brother, did your people force Chen Zhimin to death?”

  Howard said depressedly: “Brother An, just tell me, is this something he can do?”

  ”Why not? An Qishan sneered twice: “He is a member of the Po Qing Society and has mastered a lot of the secrets of the Po Qing Society. If you drive him to a dead end, he will definitely die to show his loyalty to the Po Qing Society. If he doesn’t die, All his family members will be executed.”

  ”F*ck!” Howard gritted his teeth and cursed, and said depressedly: “Then what can I do? Will the Po Qing Association think that I drove him to death? But what am I really doing? I didn’t even do it! I just want to keep an eye on that antique dealer and find our Rothschild family’s own things, that’s all…”

  At this time, Howard was so aggrieved that he almost collapsed.

  Don’t blame Howard for not seeing the world, it’s something like this that makes everyone feel uncomfortable.

  In the more than three hundred years of history of the Po Qing Society, it has been deployed all over the world for two to three hundred years, and most of this time was a time of great changes in the world.

  And the more you live in the midst of great changes in the times, the more opportunities you have to create huge amounts of wealth.

  The Rothschild family itself has relied on many great changes in the times to continuously strengthen itself and become the first family in the world today.

  The development path of Po Qing Hui not only took longer than that of the Rothschild family, but was also smoother than that of the Rothschild family.

  Therefore, no one knows how much assets the Qingqing Society has, maybe even more than the Rothschild family.

  Howard also understood that originally the Rothschild family and the Po Qing Society were on good terms with each other, but now the situation seemed to be that his own men had forced the Po Qing Society members to death. If the Po Qing Society knew about this, they would definitely not let it go.

  After all, the Rothschild family had almost no advantage before the Qing Dynasty meeting.

  It is precisely because of the huge disparity in strength that Howard is extremely nervous, fearing that breaking the law will retaliate against the Rothschild family in the future.

  An Qishan deliberately sighed at this time: “Brother, you don’t know much about Po Qinghui. The members of this organization are, to put it bluntly, a bunch of lunatics. They are like the Japanese kamikaze team that flew planes into aircraft carriers in the late World War II. The only thing in their minds is loyalty to the emperor. For them, dying for the emperor is the supreme honor. It is completely out of the way of normal people’s brains. I can’t afford to offend these perverts, so I came to China. Otherwise, how could I give up my business? The U.S. market for decades? Weren’t they forced me to do it?”

  An Qishan laughed at himself: “I’m old and timid. If I lose my money, I can make more money. If my life is gone, I’m really gone.” .”

  ”F*ck…” Howard’s heart sank at what An Qishan said.

  Although the strength of the An family is still far behind that of the Rothschild family, it is impossible for the Rothschild family to scare An Qishan into leaving the United States.

  It can be seen that in An Qishan’s eyes, the strength of Po Qinghui far exceeds that of the Rothschild family.

  Howard was panicked and at the same time felt very helpless.

  He didn’t even dare to discuss it with his sons when something like this happened.

  Because he knew very well that the children and grandchildren at home who had never seen any trouble would not only be unable to provide any substantial help, but might even be a disservice.

  Based on his understanding of his children and grandchildren, if he told them what had happened, there would definitely be some unscrupulous idiot who would loudly shout slogans about destroying the Po Qing Hui in order to win his favor.

  Therefore, he could only discuss this kind of matter with An Qishan.

  After all, An Qishan is also someone who has had something to do with Po Qinghui, and can be regarded as his senior. Moreover, everyone can be regarded as a tycoon in the global business world, and their thinking and structure are all at the same level.

  So, he asked very piously: “Brother, please help me analyze, what should I do now?”

  An Qishan pretended to think for a moment and advised him: “Brother, there is no need to be too nervous. Now your The top priority is to do your best to block the news. As long as you don’t let anyone know that Chen Zhimin’s death is related to you, the resolution meeting will not necessarily pay attention to you.”

  Howard said uneasily: “The matter has become very big now. I don’t know how many firefighters were dispatched here in New York to put out the fire. Once the fire is extinguished, the bodies in the helicopter cannot be hidden. I’m afraid that the police will investigate the matter thoroughly. After all, paper can’t cover the fire. !”

  An Qishan said: “Brother, I will give you an idea. You can listen to it and see if it is worth adopting.”

  Howard said hurriedly: “Brother, please tell me! I am all ears!”

  An Qishan said: “Brother, are you here? The influence of New York is very strong. From the outside, this incident is nothing more than a fire, and it is impossible for the firefighters to know the death and injury inside until the fire is completely extinguished;” “

  So, I suggest you clear the relationship as soon as possible. After the firefighters put out the fire, be sure not to let them get close to the center of the fire. Send people in first to deal with the bodies of Chen Zhimin and the antique dealer.” “

  After all, the skin and flesh burned at high temperatures will be damaged. Carbonization may no longer exist when flooded with water, but the bones may leave residues, which is still very difficult. As long as the bone residues are cleaned up, it will be difficult to find your head. “

  Howard subconsciously asked: “Brother, do you think this is feasible?”

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