The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6416

  An Qishan said: “You can only gamble on your luck now. If you don’t deal with it, once someone knows that someone died in the hangar, what will happen to the fire?” The nature of the incident immediately changed. Whether it was the police, the FBI, or the clearance committee, once they knew that someone had died in the hangar of my Anjia General Aviation Company, they would try their best to investigate the clues. Moreover, this general aviation company was run by Chen Zhimin. He disappeared, and the Qingqing Committee will definitely investigate with all their strength. Sooner or later, you will be unable to escape the involvement.”

  After saying that, An Qishan let out a sigh of relief and said with emotion: “Oh! Thinking about it now, my decision to leave the United States was really the right one. ! If I were still in the United States, I would have nothing to do with this matter. Just checking my general aviation company would be enough to bother me. Now that our family has been away from the United States for so long, no matter where this matter is found, it will be investigated. If it doesn’t work for me, I won’t want this general aviation company!”

  Howard felt envious and depressed after hearing An Qishan’s thankful words.

  He also knew that An Qishan had left the United States and had no intention of coming back. Even if his family’s general aviation company burned more people to death, it would not cause him any trouble. He was not the one who burned them to death anyway, and the United States He himself has a mentality of giving up on these properties that he cannot take away.

  But I can’t do it myself!

  An Qishan could hide in China, but where could he hide?

  Besides, the famous Rothschild family can’t even abandon their old nest just because they are looking for Peter Zhou and Sifang Baozhu!

  After thinking about it, he still felt that the advice given by An Qishan was worth trying.

  At this time, An Qishan comforted him and said: “Brother, you don’t have to be too nervous. As long as you can dispose of the body cleanly, you can basically sit back and relax. If the incident really comes to light, in the eyes of the Po Qing Association, in fact, with me, The relationship is greater than the relationship with you.” 138 Reading Network

  Howard asked subconsciously: “Why do you say that?”

  An Qishan said: “If you think about it, I have enmity with Poqinghui, this is one; Chen Zhimin is my son-in-law on the surface, this is second; General Navigation Company is my An family’s property, this is third, if Po Qing will know that Chen Zhimin died in the fire, do you think they will doubt you more or me more?”

  An Qishan’s words made Howard on the other end of the phone let out a sigh of relief!

  He thought to himself: “An Qishan is right! No matter how you look at it, this matter has more to do with him. As long as I can deal with the clues in this fire and hide all the people involved, who can Will you know that I did this?”

  Thinking of this, he said very embarrassedly: “Brother An, this matter has nothing to do with you, but I have to ask you to bear the risk for me, how can I feel so good about it? ?”

  The reason why he has to be polite is because Howard knows that even if this matter can be hidden from Po Qinghui, An Qishan still knows all the inside stories. If he reveals the truth about this matter one day, Poqing Hui will Maybe he will still settle the score with himself.

  Therefore, he had to test An Qishan’s tone to see if he was really willing to do him this favor.

  An Qishan didn’t know what he was thinking, so he said nonchalantly: “Poqinghui and I have been fighting to the death for a long time, so I bear this risk for you. To put it bluntly, it’s just too many lice to bite you.” , Po Qing Hui was going to kill my whole family. Even if he thought I was the one who killed Chen Zhimin, what else could he do to me? He couldn’t kill my whole family twice, could he?”

  Howard, who has been cunning all his life, has always been a person who puts interests first. If a random person dies in the world and he gets $10,000, he will at least make a wish to God to reduce the world’s population by 99.99%.

  Moreover, he does not feel he is indebted to anyone.

  But now, he was very grateful for An Qishan’s generous help, and said with great emotion: “Brother An, thank you so much!”

  An Qishan smiled slightly and said, “Brother, don’t be in a hurry to thank me. I am not a vegetarian that Po Qing will exist for so many years. If Po Qing finds out that this matter is related to you, you must also be mentally prepared accordingly.”

  Howard’s heart tightened, knowing that An Qishan said Yes, there is indeed a possibility that all this will be exposed, but now he has no choice. He must seize the time to destroy the corpses and eliminate traces, at least he can still take a gamble.

  So, he said with great gratitude: “Brother An, thank you for your reminder and help. I will seize the time to do as you said. If they find out in the end, I will have to accept my fate.” The two were

  polite . After hanging up the phone, Howard began to use his connections to find ways to destroy the body and eliminate traces.

  An Qishan sent a message to charlie Wade, telling him that Howard had taken the bait.

  charlie Wade asked his grandfather to scare Howard mainly so that his plan of killing four birds with one stone could be implemented perfectly.

  The reason why it is said to kill four birds with one stone is that after this is accomplished, it will first torture Howard and make him sleepless and sleepless; secondly, it will make Howard think that Zhou Liangyun is dead and give up on tracing Zhou Liangyun’s whereabouts; thirdly, it will also induce Howard Howard helped destroy the corpses and eliminate traces, making it more difficult to find clues. As for the final purpose, it was to drag the Rothschild family into trouble.

  The moment Hank chased the General Navigation Company, the Rothschild family had already boarded charlie Wade’s pirate ship. Once they took the initiative to participate in the destruction of corpses and traces, there would really be no way out. In the future, this alone would be able to Keep a tight grip on Howard.

  In this way, charlie Wade had a handle on Howard and his son Steve at the same time. No matter who wanted to betray the father and son, he had plenty of ways to deal with them!

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