The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6417

The fire at the General Aviation Company is still burning fiercely.

More than a dozen fire trucks from several fire stations were surrounding the hangar, spraying water and fire extinguishing agents.

Fortunately, the fire in the hangar did not affect the oil storage tanks buried underground outside the hangar. The flames that soared into the sky were finally brought under control an hour later.

While firefighters were desperately fighting the fire, a heavily armed search and rescue team was ready outside the scene.

Without exception, these search and rescue personnel are all wearing protective clothing from head to toe. The protective clothing is not only waterproof, fireproof and high temperature resistant, but also has an independent oxygen supply system. With this equipment, they can even move freely through the fire scene.

Although these firefighters also have similar equipment, the equipment of these search and rescue team members is far more advanced than that of firefighters.

And this search and rescue team was sent by Howard Rothschild to destroy the corpses and eliminate traces.

When the fire was under control but not completely extinguished, the team began running in formation into the fire scene. After arriving at the fire scene, they found the helicopter that had been burned into a metal frame, and then began to carefully remove the unburned human bones inside the helicopter. Pack it.

Because firefighters continued to spray large amounts of water into the hangar in order to control the fire, there were not many ashes left inside the helicopter at this time, and most of the ashes flowed into the sewer along with the water.

However, these search and rescue team members did not take it lightly. They found the original fire hydrant in the hangar at the fire scene, then connected the water source with the hose they carried, and began to continue meticulous high-pressure cleaning of the cabin and the ground.

By the time the fire was completely extinguished, they had washed away all the ashes on the site, and packed all the bones into black sealed bags with very strong confidentiality and sealing properties.

Just in case, they also secretly sprayed a large amount of acidic liquid on the site that could destroy DNA. After being corroded by this liquid, even if there is still a tiny amount of DNA remaining on the site, after such cleaning, it is absolutely guaranteed to be foolproof.

Subsequently, the search and rescue team withdrew all the skeletons from the fire scene. Only then did the firefighters enter the scene and confirm that there were no traces of victims at this time. So the fire department issued an accident appraisal report and determined that the fire did not cause any injuries. Casualties.

After the search and rescue team took all the bones away from the scene, all the bones were manually smashed into fine powder and dumped into New York’s famous Hudson River at the moment the sun rose.

Chen Zhimin and  Sean, one of the four great earls of Po Qinghui, completely disappeared from this world.

After his men finished doing all this, Howard finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He didn’t know if what he did was really perfect, but he also knew that he had tried his best, and the rest could only be left to fate.

At five o’clock in the morning in North America, charlie Wade took Zhou Liangyun on Steve Rothschild’s helicopter and arrived in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, in the last darkness before dawn.

This time, the Nordic royal family has booked a medium-sized hotel in the suburbs of Ottawa, and the service staff have been replaced by the royal family’s own entourage, so security and privacy are greatly guaranteed.

As a result, Steve’s helicopter landed directly on the helipad on the roof of the third floor of the hotel.

At this time, Helena, wearing a black windbreaker, had been waiting on the roof for a long time.

Before the helicopter landed, charlie Wade had already seen Helena looking forward to it below.

She was still so beautiful, and her long hair swayed in the wind under the helicopter’s airflow, but she didn’t care at all. She just raised her head with an expectant look on her face and stared at the descending helicopter without blinking.

The way she raised her head excitedly and let her hair brush her face made her look a little more casual and wild than usual.

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