The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6418

The moment she saw charlie Wade, Helena was as excited as a girl, and her joy and happiness were beyond words. She looked up at charlie Wade’s handsome face and said shyly: “Meet Mr. Wade again!”

charlie Wade smiled slightly and said sincerely: “Helena, asking you to come to Canada temporarily from Northern Europe for my sake is really causing trouble for you.”

Helena said hurriedly: “Mr. Wade is too polite. As long as you say something, no one in the Nordic royal family will dare to disobey you. This little thing doesn’t matter.”

With that said, Helena looked at Zhou Liangyun next to charlie Wade and asked charlie Wade: “Mr. Wade, is this the Mr. Zhou you told me about before?”

charlie Wade nodded and said: “Yes, let me introduce to you, this is Mr. Peter Zhou.”

After that, he said to Zhou Liangyun: “Uncle Zhou, this is the Nordic Queen Helena I told you.”

Zhou Liangyun said very politely: “Hello, Your Majesty the Queen, I watched your coronation ceremony on TV and I was deeply impressed!”

Helena quickly said humbly: “Mr. Zhou, you are Mr. Wade’s uncle. Don’t be so polite to me, and don’t call me Your Majesty. Just call me Helena.”

After saying that, she tentatively asked: “Mr. Zhou, I wonder if I can call you Uncle Zhou like Mr. Wade, so that it doesn’t seem so awkward.”

Zhou Liangyun was also a little flattered and said hurriedly: “Your Majesty the Queen, you are too polite. You can call me whatever you want.”

Helena smiled and said: “Uncle Zhou, in private, please just call me by my name Helena.”

Zhou Liangyun nodded slightly and agreed.

charlie Wade said at this time: “Helena, I have something to trouble you. I want Uncle Zhou to quietly follow your royal family’s special plane back to Northern Europe. Then you can help me prepare a Nordic passport for Uncle Zhou so that he can Return to China with a new identity.”

Helena nodded without thinking and said: “No problem! Leave it to me. I will return to Northern Europe in two days. Mr. Zhou can get used to it in my team during these two days.”

Zhou Liangyun bowed slightly to Helena and said sincerely: “Thank you very much, Helena.”

Helena smiled sweetly: “You are too polite.”

Steve Rothschild on the side couldn’t help feeling a little depressed when he saw Helena chatting so happily with charlie Wade and Zhou Liangyun.

He is also a master of love affairs, so he can naturally see that Helena’s feelings for charlie Wade are not ordinary, but from the look in Helena’s eyes at charlie Wade, he knows that it is basically impossible for his son to get together with her.

Moreover, what makes Steve even more depressed is that Helena will turn her eyes to Zhou Liangyun out of respect when talking to him. At other times, her beautiful eyes will almost always stay on charlie Wade. He and charlie Wade got off the helicopter almost at the same time, but Helena didn’t even look at herself from the beginning to the end.

It can be seen that Helena has reached the point of infatuation with charlie Wade.

At this time, Marven was the first to think of Steve, and introduced to Helena: “By the way, Helena, let me introduce to you, the person next to me is Steve Roth from the famous Rothschild family. Mr. Child, from now on Mr. Steve will be my strategic partner. If the Nordic royal family needs help from the Rothschild family, you can just ask him, and he will definitely not refuse.”

Steve was a little dissatisfied when he saw charlie Wade praising him so much, but he could only smile and said: “Mr. Wade is right, Helena, if you ever need me and the Rothschild family in the future, Just ask.”

Helena nodded politely, then looked at charlie Wade again, and said impatiently: “Mr. Wade, it’s getting dark soon. It’s somewhat inconvenient to talk here. You’d better go to my room to talk. I’ve asked him to Someone has prepared breakfast for you in advance, and we can chat while eating!”

After saying that, she looked at Zhou Liangyun and Steve on the side, and said: “I asked my assistant to prepare an empty room specially. I can arrange for Mr. Zhou and Mr. Rothschild to move there to rest first. I will also have breakfast.” What do you think about asking people to prepare it and bring it over as soon as possible?”

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