The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6419

When Steve heard Helena’s arrangement, he knew that the queen wanted to be alone with charlie Wade and live in a world of two. If he was wise, he had better obey the arrangement.

Moreover, Steve also knew in his heart that looking at the situation in front of him, his son would definitely have no chance of winning Helena’s heart. The Rothschild family could also completely stop thinking about marrying with the Nordic royal family.

Steve’s advantage is that he is more aware of current affairs. Since something is no longer possible, he will definitely not waste any energy or plant any trouble for himself.

So, he said to Helena very politely, “Everything is arranged by

Her Majesty the Queen.” Helena called the personal housekeeper she had trained and told her, “Take the two gentlemen to the room to rest first.”

The young housekeeper immediately said “Okay, Your Majesty the Queen.”

After that, he said to Zhou Liangyun and Steve, “You two, please come with me.”

The two followed Helena’s housekeeper and left, and then Helena said to charlie Wade, “Mr. Wade, what are you doing?” Please.”

charlie Wade nodded slightly and followed Helena to her room.

Helena stayed in the largest suite in the hotel. Although the area was not as large as the average presidential suite, it was very spacious and comfortable for one person. 

Helena has prepared a sumptuous Western-style breakfast in the dining room of the suite, and even had the restaurant carefully decorated, including tableware, tablecloths, and even the middle of the dining table. The flowers are carefully selected and prepared.

Sitting opposite charlie Wade, Helena’s eyes never left charlie Wade’s face.

Although she got cold feet when she slept with charlie Wade last time, at heart she was a passionate and unrestrained Nordic girl who dared to love and hate, so even though she was now the queen, she still made no secret of her feelings for charlie Wade. Chen’s love.

charlie Wade, on the other hand, felt a little uncomfortable with her direct gaze, so he quickly spoke up to break the silence and said, “Helena, I’m really grateful that you have done so much for me this time. It’s a temporary change.” Did the schedule of the visit cause you any trouble?”

Helena smiled slightly and said faintly, “Why is Mr. Wade so polite now? You gave me and my mother’s lives, and it was also because of you that my grandma was able to wake up. , you are the great benefactor of the entire Nordic royal family, it doesn’t matter if we do such a small thing for you.”

After saying that, Helena added, “If Mr. Wade still needs me to do anything else, I will definitely do it without hesitation.”

charlie Wade nodded and said with a smile, “Then I won’t be polite to you. I may need you to go to New York in person in the next two days to meet the patriarch of the Rothschild family.”

Helena didn’t even have any When he had questions, he directly said, “No problem, Helena will do whatever Mr. Wade asked Helena to do.”

charlie Wade nodded slightly, took out a blood-dispersing and heart-saving pill, handed it to Helena, and said, “This pill I prepared the medicine for Howard, the patriarch of the Rothschild family. New York has not been very peaceful recently. A lot of things may happen today. Maybe later, Howard’s physical condition will be in big trouble. This medicine At that time, I may need you to help me bring it to him. You must seize the time to make an appointment with him tomorrow to prevent him from closing the door and thanking guests after he has physical problems.”

Helena was a little surprised. “Mr. Wade, you are so old. Why don’t you give it to him yourself?”

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