The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6420

charlie Wade smiled and said, “It’s useless for me to ask for his favor, not to mention I don’t want him to know my existence.”

After saying that, charlie Wade said again, “Besides, This elixir is not given to him for free, it requires money.”

Helena pursed her lips and smiled, and said softly, “I understand, you want me to help you sell this elixir to him.”

“Yes.” charlie Wade nodded and said, “I just want you to help me sell goods. When you see him, take out this blood-dispersing and heart-saving pill, cut off a tenth of it and give it to him, and wait until he knows After this is a good thing, you can sell the rest to him. As for the price, you will always have to charge him one or two billion US dollars. If you can sell it for more, that would be even better.”

Helena He immediately understood what charlie Wade meant and said with a smile, “Okay Mr. Wade, I understand. When the time comes, just leave me an account. After I negotiate the price with him, let him pay you. The minimum cannot be lower.” More than 20 billion.”

“No need.” charlie Wade waved his hand and said casually, “Go and talk to him, and keep the benefits for yourself.”

Helena was surprised and waved her hand quickly, “No, no, Mr. Wade, The elixir belongs to you, and the money obtained from the realization is also yours. How can I ask for your money…”

charlie Wade smiled and said, “Helena, let me tell you the truth, your Nordic royal family is the most powerful person in the entire Europe. The poorest in the royal family, the population is also the most declining;”

“Although your popularity is very high now, as the queen of the royal family, it is difficult for you to do business of monetizing traffic like ordinary people. You can’t be like Like those Internet celebrities in China, will they eventually go to live broadcasts to sell goods? Ugly looks are very unpopular;”

“So, in the end, you still need enough funds to maintain and enhance the influence and hard power of the Nordic royal family, otherwise once your popularity In the past, the Nordic royal family would fall into silence again. At that time, it would be difficult to increase their influence. “

Helena knew that charlie Wade was telling the truth, but she still said very firmly, “Mr. Wade, you have helped us so much, and you have also helped us attract a lot of investment in Northern Europe. This kindness from the Nordic royal family I don’t know how to repay it. How can I let you spend more money at this time…”

charlie Wade smiled and said, “Well, you just sell the goods for me. According to our current charging standards for goods in China, it’s one hundred yuan. Things cost almost 10 yuan, traffic delivery is 50 yuan, anchor fees are 10 yuan, logistics, labor and return costs are 20 yuan, and profit is 10 yuan. We will sell a blood-sparing pill to save the heart. The cost is 10 yuan, and the logistics is up to you. , The labor is mine, and there is no such thing as return or non-refund, and the traffic cost will also be converted to you, so it is just you and me, three, very reasonable, right? “

Helena said helplessly, “Mr. Wade… something as good as the Blood-Spreading and Heart-Rescuing Pill does not require any data charges at all, and I am just bringing it to Howard for you. How can He De return your money… “

Speaking, Helena said seriously, “If you really feel that you need to pay me for my hard work, then we can just negotiate reasonably. I will spend a day to help you do this. After the matter is completed, you will also spend a day by me. I dominate. “

charlie Wade smiled and said, “As long as the money issue is settled, it will be a trivial matter. “

Helena said anxiously, “Didn’t we agree on an equal exchange? I would like to exchange one day of my own time for one day of yours. “

charlie Wade said, “This can only be used as an additional clause. The conditions for its establishment must be based on the agreement on the main clauses. “

Helena thought for a moment, then pursed her lips and said, “Then I will give you nine.

charlie Wade shook his head, “I am six and you are four. ” “

Helena said, “Then you and I will do the same. “

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