The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6421

charlie Wade asked her, “Is this different from what you said in the last round? “

Helena stuck out her tongue. “At least the order has changed, there is still a difference. “

With that said, Helena added, “Mr. Wade, what you want me to do is nothing more than a simple task for me. If you ask me to collect your money, I really deserve it…”

charlie Wade was helpless . , said seriously, “Listen, now is the final fixed price. When the time comes, you go to see Howard. When we come back, we will split it 50-50. If you are willing, we will happily decide. If you don’tIf you are willing, then I will find someone else to do it for me. “

Helena looked at charlie Wade’s masculine appearance and felt a little happy and a little sad.

Needless to say, she was happy because she was not happy because of the money. She was happy because charlie Wade had himself in his heart and thought about himself everywhere;

sad, It’s not that she’s worried that she can’t repay her favor debt, because she has long since repaid it. She is mainly worried that all her fantasies about men are not even one-tenth of what charlie Wade himself is. If she falls into this pit, she will never be able to do it again in her life. Don’t even think about crawling out.

When she thought of this, she suddenly felt regretful, and she couldn’t help but shyly thought to herself, “It would have been better if I had been more decisive last time…”

Thinking back to the scene where she and charlie Wade hugged each other tightly on the bed. , Helena couldn’t help but be distracted, and her face couldn’t help but blush.

charlie Wade didn’t know why, he gently tapped the marble tabletop with his finger, and asked her, “How are you thinking, Her Majesty the Queen?” “

At this time, Helena’s mind had drifted back to the bed she was sleeping on, and she had even entered the situation. When she suddenly heard charlie Wade speak, she felt as if she had just taken off her clothes and got into charlie Wade’s bed, and charlie Wade Suddenly she woke up and talked to herself, which scared her so much that she couldn’t help but scream. Then she realized that she had lost her temper and quickly covered her mouth again.

charlie Wade asked in surprise, “What’s wrong with you?” What are you thinking about? Helena

shook her head quickly, “No… I didn’t think about anything…”

charlie Wade asked again, “What about my proposal just now?” Helena

couldn’t figure out what charlie Wade’s proposal just now was, so she could only cover it up in a panic, “Huh?” I…I…I don’t know…it’s whatever Mr. Wade says…”

charlie Wade nodded and said with a smile, “Then it’s settled, 50-50 split. Too much money is also a problem. At that time, you can negotiate the total price with Howard, and then ask him to pay in installments over ten years;” “

In addition, the payment methods can also be various, including but not limited to cash, gold, high-quality corporate stocks and high-quality Real estate, etc.;”

“You can even let them contribute funds to sponsor the Nordic royal family to do some charity activities;” “

In short, this money will help the Nordic royal family in all aspects in the next ten years to enhance your overall strength and influence. Force, you can think about it carefully. Helena

nodded slightly and said, “Thank you Mr. Wade, I will consider it carefully!” “

charlie stretched and said with a smile, “Now we are waiting for Howard’s bad news to come. I hope this old man’s mental endurance is stronger…”

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