The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6423

  ”Okay.” charlie Wade was completely relieved and said with a smile: “Then I will wait for the media to report the news of Sifang Baozhuang’s return to China.”

  ”No problem.” Sun Zhidong (Meir) said with a smile. : “Don’t worry about this matter. Everything has been arranged over there. We will land in Eastcliff in two hours. Military reporters will shoot some materials. At ten o’clock in the evening, some of the processed materials will be handed over to the evening news. You can pay attention to the broadcast.”

  ”Okay!” charlie Wade said with a smile: “Then I will pay more attention and wait for the news to be released.”

  Just as Sun Zhidong (Meir)’s plane took off from Aurous Hill, Sara’s Boeing 777 , finally landed at New York’s JFK Airport.

  Sara on the plane felt a little cramped and uneasy.

  Although she knew very well in her heart that she must come to the United States for the sake of Sifang Baozhuang.

  However, when she thought about her recent decades of low profile and frequent outings, she still felt something was wrong.

  Since the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union began in the last century, Sara almost never leaves the base.

  The reason why she rarely leaves the base is mainly because she witnessed the rapid development of various technologies during the Cold War.

  The faster science and technology develops, the more afraid she becomes, and she is especially afraid of the officials of these superpowers.

  Because to these superpowers, no matter how strong the Qing Dynasty is, it is just an ant. Once it is targeted by any of these superpowers, it will face disaster.

  For example, her Po Qinghui headquarters, which she spent a lot of manpower and material resources to build little by little, may not be able to withstand the saturation attack of a guided missile destroyer. Therefore, when she came to the United States this time, Sara also kept reminding herself that she must try her best. Low profile.

  When entering the country, Sara and Jadiel each used a seamless Swedish identity. After successfully entering the country through customs, Sara, who cared about Sifang Baozhuang, said to Jadiel: “Contact Uncle Sean and ask him how his situation is. “

  Okay, Master Ying, I will contact Uncle Sean right now!” Jadiel said, without thinking, he took out his cell phone and called Uncle Sean.

  But what surprised him was that Sean’s phone was turned off!

  He couldn’t help but whispered: “Master, Uncle Sean’s phone is turned off.”

  ”Shut it off?!” Sara frowned: “With Uncle Sean’s habit, even if there is something important, he is unlikely to turn off his phone. Turn off the phone, what happened this time?”

  Jadiel shook his head: “I don’t know, Master Ying, why don’t you call Chen Zhimin?”

  Sara nodded expressionlessly and said, “Call him. Go!”

  Jadiel quickly dialed Chen Zhiming’s number again, but the phone still prompted to shut down.

  This made Jadiel feel a little weird, and he couldn’t help but said: “I don’t know what happened to these two people, but they both turned off

  their mobile phones.” Sara’s expression instantly became a little nervous and apprehensive, and she subconsciously took out her mobile phone. A software was opened on it.

  This software is the positioning software of Qingqinghui.

  The core members of the Clearing Society must carry special mobile phones with positioning capabilities when they go out. The mobile phones will continuously upload their own satellite positioning positions to the server. In this way, Sara can grasp the specific movements of each of them.

  When Sara checked the real-time location of Sean and Chen Zhimin on the software, she was surprised to find that the coordinate points of these two people had disappeared!

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