The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6424

The disappearance of the coordinate point does not necessarily mean that the corresponding member of the Clearing Society is dead, but it at least means that the other party has lost contact.

  The Clearing Society has very strict disciplinary requirements for members like Chen Zhimin who are performing long-term missions abroad, and the punishment for missing contact is very severe.

  If it is a malicious and active loss of contact, once caught, it may be executed directly. Even if the other party hides, it will be useless, because the speed attack in the body has a time limit, and the antidote cannot be obtained within the deadline. The person who has lost contact will You will also die;

  if the connection is lost due to your own negligence, such as forgetting to charge a dedicated mobile phone or accidental damage to the equipment, the Clearing Society will not let it go easily, and will send a special envoy to punish you according to the specific situation. If you take Sara’s specially prepared poison in front of you, although the poison will not kill you, it will still cause you to suffer from the heart-gnawing pain of thousands of ants.

  Therefore, the possibility of accidentally losing their heads among the scholars who are lurking outside the Clearing Society is much greater than that of accidentally losing contact.

  Especially Chen Zhimin, he is an extremely important flag of the Po Qing Society. Even Sara himself attaches great importance to it. Chen Zhimin himself is also very self-disciplined. Since the positioning system went online, he has never lost contact once.

  As for Uncle Sean, let alone that. Among the four earls, he is the most loyal to Sara. If there had not been any accident, he would never have made such a low-level mistake as losing contact. It was

  precisely two people who could not lose contact. The person who contacted him lost contact, which made Sara even more uneasy.

  She immediately checked the last location of the two people’s positioning devices on the software, and found that the two people were missing from Manhattan Hospital.

  So, she asked Jadiel beside her: “Has Chen Zhimin reported his plan to you?”

  Jadiel quickly said respectfully: “Back to the Lord, Chen Zhimin did report his plan to me, because the antique dealer was receiving treatment at Manhattan Hospital. , so he planned to sneak into Manhattan Hospital with Bo Sean, wait for an opportunity to take away the antique dealer, and then force him to find out the whereabouts of the antique.”

  Sara’s heart thumped, and she said: “Oh no, something happened to the two of them. Accident…”

  Jadiel asked in surprise: “Master Ying, are there other masters looking at that antique?!”

  Sara shook her head: “I’m not sure, but I don’t rule out the possibility.

  ” Looking at it, Sara said worriedly: “Besides that, there is another worst possibility.”

  Jadiel hurriedly asked: “Master Ying, are you worried that the disappearance of the two of them has nothing to do with Changsheng (Willie), Jiang Gong Bo, Ding Yuan Bo? Are the three of them the same, all caused by that mysterious master?”

  Sara sighed: “Yes, I am indeed worried. If this is the case, it proves that this person has the ability to snipe and kill me all over the world. , first New York rescued An Jia, then Cyprus killed Uncle Nakul, then Aurous Hill killed Uncle Willie and Uncle Ding Yuan, and now he returns to New York… If things continue like this, maybe it won’t be long before they can kill him. Argentina, and then locate the location of the headquarters of the Po Qinghui!”

  Jadiel said hurriedly: “Master Ying, do we want to go to Manhattan Hospital now to find out?”

  ”Go! We must go!” Sara said firmly: “This time , I want to see people alive, and I want to see corpses when I die!”

  After that, Sara told Jadiel: “Take a taxi to Manhattan Hospital. This time when you come to New York, don’t let the Zuo Army Governor’s Office know about it.”



  New York, Manhattan Hospital.

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