The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6425

  At this time, Manhattan Hospital was still as busy as ever.

  The medical staff are busy treating illnesses and saving lives, but the security department is as anxious as ants on a hot pot.

  The reason why they are anxious is because two very difficult things happened this morning.

  The first thing is that the patient in ward 1707 was found dead in the hospital bed early this morning. It was initially determined that the cause of death was acute morphine poisoning. The specific details are still waiting for the autopsy results of the police. The hospital checked the patient’s medical records. Due to the car accident, He was admitted to the hospital, so in order to relieve the pain, he was indeed injected with morphine last night, but the recorded dose was very safe and unlikely to cause morphine poisoning, so the possibility of homicide cannot be ruled out; 

  . The second thing is that there was a death in the hospital. As a result, the staff in charge of the monitoring system this morning found that there were some small loopholes in the system that needed to be repaired, so he chose to automatically repair them. After the repairs were completed, he discovered that all the monitoring records of the hospital were They all disappeared inexplicably.

  Someone had just died over there, and the surveillance video here disappeared. Not to mention the police, even the hospital staff felt that this matter was not normal.

  But it would be embarrassing to investigate this matter, because no one can confirm whether those surveillance videos disappeared before the system was repaired or during the system repair process.

  If it is the former, then it is most likely the murderer;

  if it is the latter, then there is a possibility of coincidence.

  But in addition, there is another strange thing, that is, two family members of patient 1707 have disappeared, and one of them is the famous Chen Zhimin.

  Now even the policeman felt that his head was as big as eight. Chen Zhimin was the son-in-law of the An family and a typical aristocratic class in New York. If there were any shortcomings in this, it would definitely attract national attention.

  As a result, the police dispatched a large number of manpower to Manhattan Hospital to conduct investigations and collect various evidences.

  Sara and Jadiel had just gotten out of the taxi. Before they entered Manhattan Hospital, Sara had already frowned.

  A large amount of spiritual energy separated from her body, and she conducted a quick inspection of the entire building at a very fast speed. Then she frowned and said, “Both of them are not here.”

  Jadiel said in surprise: “Master Ying , both of them lost contact here, but they are not here, could it be that there really was an accident?”

  Sara withdrew her spiritual energy and said with a solemn expression: “I just used my spiritual energy to investigate and found that the person on the 17th floor There are especially many people. After listening to their conversation, it seems that the police are looking for clues. I guess it is related to the two of them. You wait for me here and I will go in and take a look.”

  Jadiel nodded lightly and said respectfully: ” Lord, please be more careful.”

  Sara ignored him and stepped into the gate of Manhattan Hospital.

  As soon as she entered the gate, she saw two policemen on duty guarding the place, so she walked directly in front of them, looked at one of them, and said expressionlessly: “What mission are you performing here?”

  That policeman The whole person seemed to have had his soul taken away for an instant, and he said dullly: “We are ordered to stand by here and wait for further notification from the commander on site.”

  Sara asked again: “What happened on the 17th floor? What are your people looking for?” The policeman said truthfully: “

  There was a murder on the 17th floor. A patient who was brought here yesterday was found dead of acute morphine poisoning this morning. It cannot be ruled out that someone injected a large amount of morphine into his body before his death.” of morphine.”

  Sara continued to ask: “What is the identity of the deceased?”

  The policeman said: “He was the personal assistant of Chen Zhimin, the son-in-law of the An family.”

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