The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6426

Hearing the other party’s answer, Sara’s heart suddenly sank deeper.

  Both Chen Zhimin and Sean disappeared in this hospital, and Chen Zhimin’s assistant died in this hospital. It doesn’t take much to think about it, it must be the work of enemies secretly.

  Now there was only one corpse left among the three people, and the other two seemed to have disappeared from the world, which made Sara extremely uneasy.

  Thinking that Chen Zhimin’s assistant was found dead in the morning, and that Chen Zhimin and Sean disappeared here in the early morning and before dawn, Sara speculated that if they had been attacked, the other party should have eliminated Chen Zhimin and Sean first Uncle, and then killed Chen Zhimin’s assistant.

  She couldn’t help but ask herself in her heart: “Why didn’t the other party let go of Chen Zhimin’s assistant who was hit by a car? What threat would a patient lying on the hospital bed bring to him? Has the assistant seen him?”

  Thinking of this , she immediately asked the policeman: “Is there any evidence to prove that the deceased was murdered?”

  The policeman shook his head and said: “It is currently speculated that it was homicide, but no direct evidence has been found yet. Today we started to investigate morphine from various departments of Manhattan Hospital. Use the situation and see if we can find clues.”

  Sara asked: “How long will it take?”

  The police thought for a while: “Now a considerable part of the New York police force is cooperating with the Rothschild family to find their stolen antiques, so this The progress of the investigation of this case should be relatively slow, at least two or three months, my personal estimate.”

  ”Two or three months?!” Sara gritted her teeth in hatred and asked: “Have you grasped the situation from yesterday to today? “Early surveillance video?”

  The policeman said truthfully: “This morning we found that all the surveillance video has been destroyed.”

  Sara asked again: “Can the data be restored?”

  The policeman shook his head and said: “It can’t be restored, the other party’s methods are very Professional, all storage devices were completely destroyed. After assessment by professionals, they determined that not even a single byte could be recovered.”

  Sara was furious.

  She had just used her spiritual energy to search the entire Manhattan Hospital, and could not detect any trace of spiritual energy, which proved that the other party had already handled the scene very cleanly.

  Now even the surveillance video has been completely destroyed and cannot be restored, which means that the other party has cut off the clues from the perspective of criminal investigation.

  She suppressed the nervousness in her heart and asked the policeman: “Then do you know about Chen Zhimin’s movements?”

  ”No.” The policeman said truthfully: “We have tried many ways to contact Chen Zhimin, but there has been no news. We speculate that He has disappeared.”

  Sara’s expression was extremely gloomy.

  She never expected that she would arrive in New York with great expectations, thinking that she would be able to take advantage of the opportunity to obtain the most precious treasure, the Sifang Baozhuang. However, she did not expect that before any news about the Sifang Baozhuang could be found, two of her generals disappeared at the same time, and they were also missing. No clues were left.

  Angry, she asked again: “Chen Zhimin disappeared here early this morning. Don’t you know how he left the hospital?” “

  No.” The policeman said truthfully: “All the surveillance videos are gone. To find out his clues, we can only rely on criminal investigation experts to search the scene bit by bit. However, the clues at the scene have also been destroyed. Not even a complete footprint or fingerprint can be extracted, so it is not yet known how they left. .”

  As a confidant of Howard Rothschild, although Hank does not know Eastern martial arts, he is a very professional top agent and is very good at handling various traces and clues. charlie Wade asked him to stay here yesterday The end is to clear up all these clues so that the police and Sara can’t find any breakthrough point for a while.

  Sara also felt a deep sense of powerlessness. She thought of the Sifang Baozhuang and asked again: “Was the antique dealer named Zhou Peter protected here by you before? Where is he now?”

  Then The policeman said: “Peter Zhou was acquitted and released last night. The police and FBI who protected him also evacuated overnight, and then he disappeared.”

  Sara frowned even more tightly and cursed in her heart: “We two The general is missing, and the antique dealer is also missing. Could it be that the mysterious enemy is also targeting the Sifang Baozhuang?!” “

  Yes! That must be the case! The mysterious man has a close relationship with the Master, and maybe he also knows the origin of the Sifang Baozhuang. And the purpose, could it be that this matter was preempted by him?!”

  When she thought of this, Sara felt as anxious as an ant on a hot pot.

  Sean and Chen Zhimin were important to her, but they were nothing compared to the four treasures that could influence the world.

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