The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6427

  The Sifang Baozhuang can influence the state of the Tang Dynasty. If she can get the Baobao, the fortune of Poqinghui will be greatly boosted, and its strength may be doubled;

  and for Sara, more importantly, If Po Qinghui’s fortune skyrockets, Sara’s personal fortune will surely be unmatched by anyone.

  She felt that she had not been very lucky in the process of searching for the secret of immortality and the key to the next five hundred years of life. Recently, the Po Qing Society was repeatedly attacked by an enemy hiding in the dark, and even Sara was tortured. Having trouble sleeping and eating, these things all revealed the fact that Sara’s fortune had begun to decline sharply.

  Although Sara is very strong, she has lived for four hundred years. Her fate is like a towering tree that has grown for four hundred years. The four hundred annual rings are constantly strengthening it. It has already become as strong as iron. She couldn’t resolve it herself.

  Even if a Feng Shui master like Orion Exeor was called over, he would not be able to resolve her fate dilemma in the face of such a super destiny with four hundred years of buffs.

  Therefore, Sara felt that her destiny dilemma could only be resolved by a national treasure like the Sifang Baozhu.

  Because of this, when she came to New York this time, she had already made up her mind to get the Sifang Baozhu no matter what, and she absolutely could not afford to lose this point.

  It was precisely because she was determined to win the Sifang Baozhu that she asked Chen Zhimin and Sean to keep an eye on the antique dealer.

  After all, in her opinion, the antique dealer is the only clue to find the Sifang Baozhuang. As long as he can pry open his mouth, she will definitely get the whereabouts of the Sifang Baozhuang.

  But now the whereabouts of the Sifang Baozhu are unknown, and the only antique dealer who knows the clues also disappeared a few hours ago. The clues about the Sifang Baozhu have been completely cut off!

  Sara, furious, saw that the police officer in front of her could no longer give any valuable clues, so she looked at another police officer and asked coldly: “Do you have any clues to add to the questions I just asked? “

  The policeman shook his head and said: “I have nothing to add.”

  Sara looked disappointed and said to the two of them in a cold voice: “You two, remember, don’t mention your encounter with me to anyone. If you have any progress or clues here, just go to the Starbucks opposite the hospital and find me.”

  The two policemen’s eyes were still empty, but their expressions were very firm and they nodded their heads respectfully: “Remember!”

  Sara ignored them. , turned around and walked out of the hospital.

  Jadiel was waiting outside the hospital. Seeing Sara come out so quickly, he quickly stepped forward and asked in a low voice: “Master Ying, why did you come out so quickly? Did you find any clues?”

  Sara shook her head gloomily. She now felt that everything seemed impossible, but she couldn’t give up just yet, so she coldly ordered Jadiel: “Go and inform Wu Yongzhen of the Zuo Army Governor’s Mansion and ask him to mobilize the Zuo Army Governor.” All the intelligence networks of the government in the United States will be used to find the whereabouts of Chen Zhimin, Uncle Sean, and the antique dealer at all costs! If anyone can find them, I will reward them heavily!”

  Jadiel said hurriedly: “Okay, Lord Ying, I will inform you right away. Him!”

  After that, Jadiel asked again: “Master Ying, do you need your subordinates to arrange a hotel for temporary accommodation?”

  Sara shook her head, pointed to the Starbucks across the road and said: “Go there, I want to have a cup of coffee. “

  Jadiel quickly followed Sara across the street, came to the Starbucks store and found a window seat to sit down.

  Afterwards, Jadiel diligently ordered a cup of iced Americano for Sara, brought it to Sara respectfully, and then said: “Master Ying, Wu Yongzhen has already started taking action.” “

  Okay.” Sara nodded, and the cup of coffee , but instead of drinking, he kept looking through the window at the Manhattan Hospital Building outside the window.

  Immediately afterwards, she saw a policeman running out in a hurry, it was the one she had questioned before.

  Seeing the other person running towards the Starbucks where she was, she suddenly felt happy and thought to herself: “Maybe I have found a clue?”

  Thinking of this, Sara silently recited the magic formula in her heart and released a little spiritual energy. All the guests in the Starbucks, They were all instantly controlled by her, turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to everything she said.

  Soon, the policeman ran into Starbucks. When he saw Sara, he quickly ran to her and said respectfully: “We have just confirmed something.”

  Sara said coldly: “Speak quickly!”

  The policeman Truthfully said: “Some patients reported that I heard the sound of a helicopter above the hospital early this morning!”

  Sara frowned: “Could it be that they escaped by helicopter?”

  Thinking of this, she immediately said to Jadiel on the side: ” Inform Wu Yongzhen to thoroughly check all the helicopters owned by the An family to see which one has visited Manhattan Hospital early this morning!”

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