The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6429

  Sara said coldly: “It’s impossible. Since the other party set the fire, it must be to destroy the clues, otherwise why bother? In a master’s game, no move will be useless. Yes!”

  After saying that, Sara said again: “Let them check again quickly! Check the employees of the general aviation company, who was on duty yesterday, who they saw, and what was unusual. Ask them all!”

  Jadiel said hurriedly: “Okay Your Majesty, I will tell you now!”

  Soon, the scout followed Sara’s request, made some inquiries and sent back the news.

  After Jadiel received the news, he was shocked and quickly reported to Sara: “Master Ying, there is news! Late last night, Chen Zhimin personally arranged the helicopter. He asked the pilot of the General Aviation Company to fly the helicopter to the vicinity of Manhattan Hospital. The helicopter received After that, he went directly to the roof of Manhattan Hospital.”

  Sara frowned: “Then what?”

  Jadiel said: “Then Chen Zhimin sent the pilot away. He meant that he could control the helicopter by himself, and the pilot did not dare Disobedient, he left the helicopter with him and left directly.”

  Sara asked again: “What other clues did the pilot know?”

  ”No.” Jadiel said: “After the pilot left the hospital, he took a taxi home to rest. Today He was summoned by the police to assist in the investigation.” As

  he spoke, Jadiel added: “The police also investigated the employees on duty in the hangar early this morning. The other party said that before dawn, Chen Zhimin drove the helicopter back to the general aviation company alone, and he towed the helicopter After entering the hangar, Chen Zhimin sent him away. It didn’t take long for the hangar to catch fire, and the fire was very big as soon as it started, as if it was man-made.”

  Sara was silent for a moment, then said dejectedly: “It seems like Chen Zhimin Uncle He Sean should be dead. I really didn’t expect that the four great earls under my Po Qing Hui, who had been in the world for decades without a single defeat, would all fall one after another in such a short period of time.”

  Speaking of this, she shook her head . He clenched his fists and growled with a ferocious expression: “The most unacceptable thing to me is that four counts died. I didn’t even touch the shadow of each other. Whose name was he and how many people were under his command? I don’t know these. I don’t know anything! In more than three hundred years, except for the time when I was chased into the Hundred Thousand Mountains by the Qing army, I have never been as passive as I am today! Damn it!”

  Jadiel’s expression was a little sad, but more of a worry.

  The death of the four great earls will inevitably have a huge impact on the entire Qing Dynasty, and will make himself, the three elders, and the Wu family who command the Fifth Army Governor’s Mansion doubt and worry about the future.

  Once doubts arise in everyone’s mind, the stability that has lasted for three hundred years will be broken from within.

  At this time, Jadiel suddenly received a call, and then his face changed drastically, and he blurted out to Sara: “Master Ying! The Zuo Army Governor’s Office came to report that it was found that Chen Zhimin chartered a business jet and took off from New York in the early morning of this morning. Went to China!”

  ”What?!” Sara’s heart skipped a beat and she blurted out: “Is this serious?!” “It’s

  absolutely true!” Jadiel said firmly: “He was indeed the one who chartered the plane, and the route application was from New York. Feiyanjing, the plane has taken off for more than three hours now!”

  Sara’s heart tightened and asked: “Do you think Chen Zhimin is on that plane?!”

  Jadiel blurted out: “Master Ying, my subordinates don’t dare to It’s too much to say, but the time when this plane took off was too coincidental, and the antique dealer also disappeared. It cannot be ruled out that Chen Zhimin controlled the antique dealer first, and then got the treasure you wanted and took it with him. The possibility of the treasure escaping to China…”

  At this point, Jadiel overturned his guess, shook his head and said: “No, Chen Zhimin has always been valued by you, and his parents, siblings are in our hands, he will never dare to betray You, not to mention, he himself needs to take the antidote regularly. Without the antidote, even if he betrays you, how many days can he survive? No matter how you look at it, there is no need to betray you!”

  Sara shook her head: “Today’s The situation is no longer the same as it was in the past three hundred years. In the past three hundred years, I have never encountered any opponent, nor have I encountered anyone who can detoxify the poison I made. But now, we have a strong opponent. Maybe he has a way to detoxify!”

  Speaking of this, Sara added: “Think about it, that time in Cyprus, the entire copper mine was destroyed, but only the body tissue of Jian Gongbo was found. This proves that, The other party had already transferred the others alive, otherwise he could have blown everyone to death in the copper mine. Why would those dead soldiers and knightly guards be willing to be transferred by him when they knew that they could not live for more than a month without an antidote? Get out? It’s very possible that the other party has detoxified them!”

  Jadiel looked stern and asked quickly: “Master Ying, do we want to find a way to stop that plane?!”

  ”Stop! We must stop it! “Sara said without thinking: “Let our people who have infiltrated the US intelligence system report their real names to the US Department of Homeland Security, saying that someone carried important secrets and fled to China on that plane, and acted in a way that Americans would rather believe them. Style, that plane will definitely be ordered to return for investigation!”

  Jadiel said subconsciously: “Master Ying, you can just find someone to report this kind of thing anonymously. If we let the person we infiltrated report it with a real name, then he might Expose yourself.”

  ”It doesn’t matter.” Sara said expressionlessly: “Tell him that this is a good opportunity for him to make a contribution. After reporting the report, let him commit suicide directly. After his death, his family can take care of themselves in peace. ;”

  ”As long as he dies, not only will he not be exposed, but the Americans will become even more convinced that there is something behind it. In that case, even if they send out the air force, they will definitely get the plane back!”

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