The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6430

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security received a very important tip early in the morning.

  An agent affiliated with the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) reported to the National Security Agency under his real name, claiming that someone on a business jet that took off from New York a few hours ago was heading to China carrying highly confidential information related to defense chips.

  The National Security Agency receives many similar messages every day through various channels, but experience has proven that most of them are false, and some are even hoaxes.

  However, this tip came from an agent from a brother department, and the credibility was immediately increased infinitely.

  After all, we are all colleagues and we all know the seriousness of national defense work, and it is about our own jobs and corresponding legal responsibilities. No one will joke about this kind of thing. /

  Just when the National Security Bureau was preparing to discuss countermeasures, another piece of news came that shocked them. The DIA agent who provided the information actually fell from the building and died!

  Although it is not yet possible to determine whether the agent committed suicide or was murdered, based on his reaction just now, everyone in the Department of Homeland Security felt like a thorn in their backs, and instinctively believed that there must be a big conspiracy.

  So, they carried out emergency deployment as quickly as possible and formulated an emergency plan.

  First of all, the target plane must be ordered to turn around and return;

  secondly, in view of the 911 incident more than 20 years ago, in order to prevent the other party from making irrational behavior, the other party cannot be allowed to return to the bustling metropolis of New York. Therefore, the Security Bureau at the US-Canada border They found a small airport in northern Vermont and asked the other party to land at the designated airport.

  Once again, they sent agents, police, and troops to the airport to make complete preparations. At the same time, the Vermont National Guard sent two F35s to take off in advance to Canadian airspace to pick them up. Pilot and accompany the aircraft until the target aircraft lands at the designated airport to avoid accidents to the greatest extent.

  After the plane landed, the police and agents took full control of the plane, arrested and interrogated all personnel on the plane, and used the most professional means to conduct the most detailed inspection of the plane.

  At this moment, this ultra-long-range private jet leased by Chen Zhimin is flying over the Hudson Bay in Canada.

  Although the plane had been flying for more than three hours, it had only flown one-fifth of the fifteen-hour long flight.

  Its flight route is from the sky over Canada, then through the Bering Strait between the United States and Russia, and via the sky over Japan to Eastcliff.

  According to the original route from New York to Eastcliff, it only took them thirteen hours to complete the flight. However, because the war in Eastern Europe had not yet been extinguished, the route needed to detour over Russia, which added an additional two hours to the flight.

For such a long route, the charter flight cost alone would be more than 2 million yuan, but at this time, except for the crew members, there was not even a single passenger in the cabin.

  At this time, the crew members had already turned on the autopilot, allowing the aircraft to fly smoothly at an altitude of 11,000 meters. However, at this time, they suddenly received radio communications from ground air traffic control, requiring them to immediately return to the Hudson Bay Completed the turn, returned to the United States, and landed as required at a small airport north of Burlington, Vermont.

  The city of Burlington is only 60 kilometers away from the US-Canada border, and the small airport in its north is even less than 20 kilometers away from the border.

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