The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6431

  This airport has been gradually abandoned by the civil aviation system over the years, and is currently mainly used by American private flying clubs.

  Since the air traffic control did not explain over the radio why the flight was suddenly required to return, and the flight had to land at an airport that was almost abandoned by the civil aviation system, the captain asked the other party over the radio why he wanted to return.

  But air traffic control only told them that the order to return was issued by American air traffic control, and they did not know it, but the crew must fly the plane back, otherwise the crew members may be arrested for refusing to obey air control.

  Naturally, the pilot did not dare to disobey the air traffic control instructions, so the plane left a circular trail over the Hudson Bay and returned to the United States.

  Two F35 fighter jets from the Vermont National Guard also took off immediately and headed to Canadian airspace to receive them.

  At this moment, Jadiel saw on the flight software that the plane chartered by Chen Zhimin had completed its U-turn and was flying back to the United States. He reported to Sarahui: “Master, the plane has returned.” As soon

  as he finished speaking, he I received another piece of intelligence from the scouts and quickly reported to Sara: “Master, I just received the news from the scouts ahead. Two F35s of the Vermont National Guard took off in an emergency and flew north towards Canada. It is estimated that It was to monitor the plane that picked up Chen Zhimin.”

  Sara nodded and said calmly: “If Chen Zhimin and the treasure are really on this plane, the treasure will inevitably fall into the hands of the US military first. Rothschild The family is deeply rooted in the United States. Since they lost things, the U.S. military will definitely return them to them.”

  After that, Sara said coldly: “Inform Wu Yongzhen and immediately mobilize all undercover agents hidden in the U.S. security department to follow them comprehensively. In this operation, the National Security Agency first confirmed which airport the plane would land at, then found a way to confirm whether the antique that Chen Zhimin and the Rothschild family were looking for was on the plane, and at the same time immediately dispatched all available personnel to upstate New York. Be on standby, and once you are sure that the item is on the plane, take action immediately and snatch it back at all costs!”

Jadiel was horrified, and it took him a while to come to his senses, and said nervously: “Master, if you steal it directly from the hands of the National Security Agency, will things get out of hand…”

  After that, he said again He quickly suggested: “My subordinates feel that if the things are really on this plane, then we can wait for the National Security Agency to return the things to the Rothschild family, and then snatch the things from the Rothschild family.” Come back.”

  Sara said with a stern expression, without any doubt: “No! As long as the thing is confirmed to be on this plane, there can be no delay! If something happens again and I miss it, it will destroy the 300-year-old foundation of the Qing Dynasty. They will also be implicated! Therefore, we must take advantage of it before the National Security Agency knows the purpose of this thing!”

  Jadiel was shocked when he heard this.

  He couldn’t understand why Sara, who was always cautious, took such a big risk this time.

  Stealing things from the Department of Homeland Security in the United States is almost equivalent to a large-scale terrorist attack!

  Once the incident occurs, no matter whether it succeeds or fails, Po Qinghui will become the number one enemy of the United States. Its nature is so bad that it even surpasses Ben Ledeng. This is almost tantamount to seeking death!

  No matter what, you shouldn’t take such a big risk.

  However, Sara didn’t think so.

  Four hundred years of his five-hundred-year life span have passed.

  Now we are about to enter the real middle age and old age.

  The 300-year-old foundation of the Po Ching Society was certainly important, but nothing was more important than her own life.

  Over the years, her efforts to find the secret of immortality and extend her life to a thousand years have been repeatedly frustrated.

  The last time she was in Shiwanda Mountain, she suffered another huge blow and fright, which made her more and more anxious. She also became less and less confident about extending her life span for five hundred years, and felt that this wish was almost impossible. accomplish.

  However, the appearance of the Sifang Baozhu suddenly rekindled her hope of extending her life for a thousand years. She warned herself in her heart that she must seize this golden opportunity no matter what!

  Because this is probably the last chance that God will favor you and leave you! You must try your best to grasp it!

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