The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6432

Sara knew the background of the Sifang Baozhuang, and even knew that in the Tang Dynasty, the Sifang Baozhuang was an important national weapon that could protect the country and the country.

  She is a master of Taoism. She knows very well that even if the magic power of the Sifang Baozhuan has declined after so many years, its remaining magic power will definitely be of great help to individuals or a small and medium-sized group.

  The Rothschild family that owns it does not understand spiritual energy, cultivation, or understanding of the core formation of the Sifang Baozhu. They have flourished for two to three hundred years just by quietly holding it. This is Sifang The best proof that Baozhuang’s mana still exists.

  Therefore, facing the Sifang Baozhu, Sara felt that under the background that his pursuit of life extension was almost hopeless, what did the life and death of Po Qinghui mean?

  A hundred years later, if he died, would he still leave Po Qinghui to the descendants of the Wu family to be free and unrestrained? It’s simply a fool’s dream!

  If he is bound to die in a hundred years, what is the significance of Poqing’s existence? It would be more satisfying to let them all be buried with him!

  So, what if after this operation, the Qing Dynasty will provoke the United States and be surrounded and suppressed by the United States?

  With his own strength, although he cannot protect the entire Po Qing Society, it is still very easy to find a safe place to hide his name and live out the remaining one hundred years in a down-to-earth manner.

  And if this adventure can allow you to obtain the Sifang Baozhu, then your overall fortune will skyrocket, and your chance of obtaining the secret of immortality will be much greater!

  It is even possible that it will bring about a major breakthrough in cultivation!

  As long as you find the opportunity to extend your life to a thousand years, the Poqing Society will be gone, and you can build a new one!

  Moreover, what if it offends the United States?

  Tens or a hundred years later, all the current high-level officials in the United States will be buried, and everything about the Qing Dynasty will be dusted by the years. Who will still miss Sara a hundred years ago?

  When the time comes, I will change my appearance, create another Po Qing Society, and live another five hundred years!

  Those five hundred years are the five hundred years when your hands and eyes can reach the sky, the five hundred years when you can call the wind and rain!

  By that time, the Little Po Qing Society will no longer be able to catch my eye!

  However, if he hesitates at all and causes any changes to the Sifang Treasure Building, it will definitely become the biggest regret of his life!

  Thinking of this, Sara strengthened her belief. She stood up and said coldly: “Let’s go all the way north to the U.S.-Canada border first. After the exact information comes, we will go to the airport designated by the Department of Homeland Security to see what happens!”

  Jadiel said hurriedly : “Master Ying, you want to go to the scene in person? Isn’t it too dangerous? In the opinion of my subordinates, let Wu Yongzhen’s people handle this matter, so that you won’t be exposed for this…”

  Jadiel is Sara He is a junior and a loyal servant. He knows that Sara’s identity is extremely special, and she also holds the shocking secret of immortality for four hundred years. He must not risk herself unless absolutely necessary.

  Moreover, in his opinion, three of the four great earls have died, and Sara did not personally intervene in the first three deaths. Naturally, Sara did not have to risk his life for Uncle Sean, a mere Chen Zhimin, and the unknown treasure. .

  Sara no longer concealed herself at this time. She looked at Jadiel and said in a stern and anxious tone: “Uncle Sean’s life or death is not important, nor is Chen Zhimin’s life or death. What is important is the antique dealer and what he has in his hands.” A unique treasure that can change the fate of the Po Qing Society! Finding it may be the biggest opportunity in the more than 300 years since the Po Qing Society was founded!” “The

  reason why I went to the United States in person is to get it! “

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