The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6433

  ”If you can get it, that would be the best!”

  ”If you can’t get it, you must find a way to destroy it!”

  ”If it really falls into the hands of that mysterious opponent, it will be my first chance to break the Qing Dynasty. The biggest threat in three hundred years!”

  At this point, Sara’s expression became extremely gloomy, and she gritted her teeth and said, “You also know that over the years, whether Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ) is dead or not has been a big worry for me! I have invested so much energy in the An family. , I have been laying it out for twenty years, just to find an opportunity to force her to show up, but the results are not what I want every time! I even have to deal with it and I will suffer heavy losses!” “

  I am not worried about anything else, I am only worried that Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ) is not dead. , if that mysterious man is hers, it is the worst result for us!” “

  If this is the case, Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ) will be the first enemy who has the ability to control the life and death of the Qing Dynasty!” “

  And if this time If they get that peerless treasure again, the balance of victory may completely tilt in her favor!”

  Jadiel looked horrified and subconsciously said: “Master Ying… the peerless treasure you mentioned, does it really have such a powerful effect?”

  Sara said: ” Whoever gets it will get the world.”

  After saying that, Sara looked at Jadiel, her tone was majestic and arrogant, and she looked down on the world, and said coldly: “Jadiel, you don’t have to worry about the life and death of Po Qinghui. There is no need to worry about the life and death of other Wu family members. Today I promise you a great opportunity. If one day I can find the method of refining the Hundred Turns and Thousands of Returns Pill and successfully extend my life for thousands of years, then I will naturally refine the Eternal Green Pill. By the way, at that time, I will give you an eternal elixir and give you a life span of five hundred years!”

  At this point, Sara paused for a moment, looked at him, and said: “The Po Qing Association is gone, you and I can build another one. One is! The other Wu family members are dead, but you still have the blood of the Wu family. Five hundred years will be enough for you to spread the branches and leaves of the Wu family. When the time comes, you will be the ancestor of the Wu family. This will create a new one. The Wu family is like the Wu family. If I live as long as the heavens one day, the Wu family will also live forever. Isn’t this wonderful?”

  Jadiel’s whole body felt like it was struck by lightning, and he felt numb from his scalp to his toes!

  A life span of five hundred years was something he didn’t even dare to think about!

  After all, he knew that Sara relied on Patriarch Meng’s everlasting elixir to live up to five hundred years, so how could he have such an incredible opportunity?

  However, once Sara truly masters the method of living to a thousand years, she will become a being like Patriarch Meng.

  By then, wouldn’t he have become the same existence she was back then?

  If Patriarch Meng can give her the Eternal Eternal Life Pill, then she can naturally give herself the Eternal Eternal Life Pill!

  Patriarch Meng could give her five hundred years of life, so she could also give herself five hundred years of life!

  Thinking of this, Jadiel could hardly control himself. He wanted to kneel in front of Sara and knock his head to the ground one by one until his head was smashed.

  Sara saw his excitement and ecstasy, and also saw that he wanted to kneel down.

  Sara held up Jadiel’s body with a spiritual energy, preventing him from kneeling down. At the same time, she said: “Tianlin, remember, I will only say this to you, and I will also say it to the second person in the future, and you , you must also keep it in mind and do not reveal anything to anyone, do you understand?”

  Jadiel’s voice trembled with excitement, and he said repeatedly: “Don’t worry, Lord, I understand! I am willing to go all out to assist Lord, through swords and mountains of fire, Even if you die!”

  Sara nodded with satisfaction, and said: “From today on, you must correct your mentality. As long as you and I can live forever and defeat more than ten thousand people in the Qing Dynasty, even if they all die, it will not be a pity! These things People are cannon fodder that I have trained for more than three hundred years, and when it’s time for them to die, they will just die!”

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