The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6435

  This pilot is a member of the Seizing Society in New York. Before today, he had been silent at the New York headquarters of the Seizing Society. According to the internal regulations of the Seizing Society, during the silence, except for the scouts in charge of vigilance, no one else should Just like a silent submarine, they are not allowed to leave the station without authorization, are not allowed to take the initiative to learn about outside information, and are not allowed to take the initiative to contact the outside world.

  Therefore, before the pilot was sent out to perform the mission, he had no idea that the Rothschild family had blocked New York’s helicopter airspace in disguise. Except for the Rothschild family’s helicopter, all other private helicopters were not allowed to leave New York’s airspace.

  Because of this, the pilot who suddenly received the radio message was completely confused and quickly replied: “nypd, this is n77dt. I have already applied for takeoff permission from air traffic control and am going to Burlington. Why should I accept it?” Inspection?”

  The other party immediately replied on the radio: “It is related to homeland security. I can’t comment on the specific reason. Please land at the designated location immediately for inspection. You can be released after passing the inspection.”

  Sara listened to the radio call and immediately He asked the pilot: “What does the other party mean? Why do you have to be inspected?”

  The pilot was also confused. Although he didn’t know that the female passenger sitting behind him was the hero of the Qing Dynasty, he still said very politely: “The other party It’s related to homeland security. I don’t know the specific situation.”

  Sara asked him: “What will happen if you ignore them?”

  The pilot said: “In this case, if they refuse to cooperate, they should dispatch a police helicopter. , and even called the National Guard for support…”

  As he spoke, the pilot couldn’t help but wonder: “It’s strange, I have been in New York for many years, and the last time air traffic control was so strict was during 911…”

  Sara frowned. Wrinkled, he thought to himself: “Could it be that the news of my coming to the United States leaked out?”

  Just as he was thinking about it, Jadiel glanced at his phone and said quickly: “I just received news that the Rothschild family used them to manipulate the United States. The government’s influence, through the hands of various departments, has blocked New York’s land, sea and air. Anyone who wants to leave New York must undergo inspection…” “

  Asshole! The police want to investigate me because of the Rothschild family? How could such a bastard thing happen in New York?!” Sara’s expression turned extremely ugly for a moment.

  She didn’t expect that when she went to New York in person, she would stumble upon the Rothschild family!

  This gave her the feeling of being bullied by a dog when a tiger fell to the ground, which made her extremely depressed.

  At this time, another warning came from the pilot’s radio: “n77dt, repeat, this is nypd, you must immediately adjust the course to 280 degrees, and at the same time descend to 2,200 feet, the speed must not be higher than 80 knots, we Our colleagues will guide you to land for inspection! If you refuse to accept inspection, NYPD will activate the police helicopter to intercept you. You will be responsible for all consequences!” The pilot

  had no choice but to say to the two men: “Two sirs, it seems we are now We must be inspected, otherwise things will be in trouble once they start to intercept. Not only does the NYPD have police helicopters, but the New York National Guard also has armed helicopters. They will definitely bite us to death and not let go.”

  ”This is unreasonable! This is unreasonable!!” Sara was almost furious!

  In all these years, she had never suffered such aggrievedness anywhere.

  However, what made her collapse the most was that although she was extremely angry, she also knew very well that she could not twist her thigh with her arms in New York.

  If you openly confront the American police in the sky, you will definitely not get any good ending.

  By then, if there was another aerial chase, I might not be able to get to Burlington within two hours.

  In desperation, she could only grit her teeth and say to the pilot: “Okay! Time is tight, just follow the requirements of these bastards!”

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