The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6436

 The site used by nypd to inspect helicopters is the open-air helipad of a helicopter navigation company in northwest New York.

  This general aviation company is very large. The apron and hangar alone are enough to park hundreds of helicopters.

  The company also owns dozens of self-purchased helicopters of various types. It is the largest general aviation company in New York and is also an industry of the Rothschild family.

  Helicopters are relatively popular in the United States. A large number of wealthy people and companies own their own helicopters, and the business of leasing helicopters is also very popular. Many celebrities, dignitaries, and wealthy people need to temporarily rent helicopters when they go out, so it is also very common for general aviation companies.

  However, most companies or business owners who own helicopters only have one helicopter. For the parking, maintenance and upkeep of this helicopter, it is not worth investing a dedicated space and team, so it is entrusted to the general aviation company to be responsible for unified operation and maintenance. When the owner is not using it, the general aviation company will use it for leasing operations to recover costs.

  In order to ensure that the blockade inspection of helicopters is foolproof, the Rothschild family provided this venue for the NYPD, and also arranged for their own people to participate here throughout the process. Every helicopter leaving New York airspace must first undergo a comprehensive inspection here. After confirming that the helicopter has nothing to do with Sifang Baozhuang, the NYPD will release the helicopter, and the helicopter can leave New York and go to its destination.

  However, in order to prevent the helicopters that have passed the inspection from landing midway, they will require the helicopters that have passed the inspection to climb directly to more than 1,000 meters on the spot. At the same time, before arriving at the destination, the entire journey must not be lower than 1,000 meters above sea level, and there is air traffic control radar throughout the entire process. Monitoring, no one shall violate the requirements, otherwise they will be directed by nypd and subject to inspection and related investigations again.

  Therefore, if Sara wanted to leave New York by helicopter, she had to go through this series of procedures, even if she was the leader of the Po Qing Society and a 400-year-old Taoist master.

  Sara felt that her mentality had been cut in half again and again from the moment she got off the plane.

  Now, she was almost on the verge of going berserk.

  The dignified leader of the Qing Dynasty meeting was ordered to land for inspection in the United States. It felt like the traitor translator in the movie “Xiao Bing Zhang Ga”, who usually didn’t spend money on restaurants, deigned to come to the roadside to eat a broken watermelon, and was actually arrested. Demand payment!

  At this time, the traitor translator was no longer just trying to stir up trouble.

  He wanted to take out the tortoise box in his waist, smash all the watermelons on the stall to pieces, and then blow the melon seller’s head off as well to satisfy his hatred.

  Sara felt the same way.

  She even felt that her Taoist mind, which she had cultivated for more than three hundred years, was basically used up within a couple of hours after getting off the plane.

  This made her curse in her heart: “Damn Rothschild, destroy my Taoist heart! Sooner or later you will have to pay the price!”

  However, Sara felt resentful in her heart, but she also understood that those who should cooperate must also Gotta cooperate.

  If you really want to pull out a gun and do it, the stall owner may not be afraid. After all, they are all underground members, and the dark muzzle has long been secretly aimed at the traitor translator’s head.

  Sara’s mood was exactly the same as the Japanese translator in the movie.

  So what if you can eat out in the city without spending any money? When you get to this watermelon stall, you have to raise your Fu*king hands honestly. If you are asked to give money, you will give money obediently. If you are asked to cooperate, you will cooperate obediently.

  Sara was filled with anger and resentment as she watched the helicopter she was riding in fly over the general aviation company as requested by the NYPD.

  When she lowered her head and looked down, there were no less than twenty helicopters of different sizes and styles parked on the ground apron.

  These helicopters are all civilian helicopters, and it seems that they should all be inspected.

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