The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6437

  When Sara saw this, she suddenly became angry and couldn’t help blurting out: “With so many helicopters being inspected, when will we be found?!”

  The pilot said helplessly: “This… my subordinates can’t say…”

  Sara had I have such an impulse that I can’t wait to jump out of the helicopter right now and kill everyone below in order to relieve the anger in my heart.

  However, she also knew that if she did this, even if she could escape unscathed, the whole thing would be dragged into an abyss of eternal destruction.

  Moreover, she also saw that there were four NYPD-painted police helicopters at the four corners of the apron below. Next to the four police helicopters, there were at least 20 SWAT police officers armed with live ammunition.

  What’s even more terrible is that there is an Apache helicopter of the New York State National Guard parked on each side of the field. The Apache is equipped with Sea Snake 70mm rockets and Hellfire missiles, which are nearly as powerful as those made by the Soviet Union. Anti-cannon is much better.

  Next to these two armed helicopters, there were more than a dozen army soldiers armed to the teeth.

  As soon as Sara saw this posture, she knew that coming to this place and still wanting to refuse to cooperate and escape before the battle was a fool’s errand.

  With this firepower configuration, he would have to skin himself even if he didn’t die.

  What’s more, the New York State National Guard has far more than these two helicopters. If there is an emergency, even F35s may be able to fly over in a short time.

  After all, even the Vermont National Guard has completed the replacement of F35, not to mention the big guns in the guard such as the New York National Guard.

  These idiots even have F22 and B2 stealth bombers. Although the command rights are in the hands of the US military, judging from the order of ownership of the equipment, it does belong to the National Guard.

  In other words, if the United States breaks the Qinghui, the US military does not need to be dispatched. The National Guard of any state, that is, the militia of this state, can blow up the base of the Qinghui. m..oΓg

  Just when Sara tried her best to convince herself that she was under the eaves and had to lower her head, a voice came from the radio: “n77dt, please land on the 14th apron immediately. There are police officers on the apron to guide the landing. Please pay attention. , the ground is equipped with a monitoring system with no blind spots. During the landing process, you must ensure that all windows on the aircraft are always closed and no one is allowed to open them. After landing, no one is allowed to leave the helicopter. They must wait for the inspection in place. After the inspection is completed, it is confirmed that there are no abnormalities. After that, you will be released. It is related to the homeland security of the United States of America. Please cooperate. If there is any dangerous behavior, the NYPD and the New York State National Guard will not rule out the possibility of firing first. Thank you for your cooperation.”

  Sara fisted Holding tightly, the Taoist heart has collapsed, and only the rationality to understand current affairs is barely maintained.

  The pilot had no choice but to obey the instructions and slowly land the helicopter on the 14th apron.

  Before the helicopter landed, several soldiers with live ammunition were already waiting nearby. After the helicopter stopped, they immediately sealed all the doors and windows with strong tape to prevent the people inside from taking advantage of the chaos to throw anything out of the helicopter, or Draw out your weapon and attack.

  Seeing the other party sealing the doors and windows, Sara immediately asked: “Don’t you want to check? Why don’t you check quickly? What are we doing by sealing our doors and windows?!” One of the

  soldiers replied: “There are more than ten helicopters waiting for inspection ahead. When you are queued up, we will let you get off the plane for inspection.”

  Sara was immediately furious and asked angrily: “This is unreasonable, my time is very precious, why do you let me wait here for you to be inspected one by one?! “

  The soldier deliberately showed off the assault rifle on his chest and said coldly: “It is related to the homeland security of the United States of America, and everyone must obey it unconditionally! If you have any objections, we can provide a free venue and give you 24 hours of Time to calm down!”

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