The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6438

 At a certain moment, Sara wanted to cut off the soldier’s head with a slash in the air, and then charge all the way to Burlington.

  However, her reason quickly calmed her down.

  Because in this case, it is almost impossible for you to bypass the other party’s inspection.

  It was possible to carve out a bloody path, but in the next second it was very likely that a dozen armed helicopters would bite him and not let him go. At that time, he would have no choice but to run for his life. How would he have the chance to find the Sifang Treasure Tower?

  At this time, there was another roar in the sky.

  A large Bell civilian helicopter was slowly falling from the sky and parked on the parking space behind Sara.

  Several soldiers outside the cabin immediately divided the work, leaving one person to guard the helicopter Sara was riding on, while the others went to the next apron and blocked the helicopter using the same process as Sara.

  The soldier who stayed outside the cabin used the walkie-talkie on his shoulder to say: “We need to add some more manpower here. The operation speed here is too slow. On average, three new helicopters will come in every time it takes to check one helicopter.”

  Walkie-talkie Nei replied: “Four Chinooks and four Apaches from the Third Squadron have arrived in New York to support them. They are expected to arrive in twenty minutes. The Massachusetts National Guard has also entered a state of combat readiness. If necessary, they will come to support at any time. “It doesn’t matter if your operation speed is slower. Just let those people wait in the helicopter. It doesn’t matter how long they wait, as long as they don’t come out or escape before being inspected.”

  The soldier was startled in surprise. He was startled, and then asked: “Are the New York State National Guard not enough? Do you need support from Massachusetts?” The walkie-talkie

  replied: “Reliable information was received dozens of minutes ago that someone was trying to steal national defense secrets and leave the country. At present, We are forcing the other party to return. The Department of Homeland Security has analyzed that once the plane is forced to return to the United States, the other party is likely to organize armed manpower to seize it, so now we need to mobilize a large number of reinforcements to ensure that nothing goes wrong.”

  After that, the other party added: “This time The noise is really loud. You should all overcome it. In addition, the Rothschild family’s technical team has begun to train artificial intelligence to be responsible for detection. After training, the efficiency will be greatly improved.” The

  soldier had no choice but to say: ” I hope they move faster.”

  Sara heard the conversation between the two word by word. At this moment, she suddenly realized that she seemed to have shot herself in the foot.

  If I had known that the damn Rothschild family had blocked New York, I wouldn’t have let people describe the matter so seriously.

  Now I won’t be able to get out of New York for a while, and the other side is constantly strengthening its defense. Even if there are a thousand dead soldiers by then, I’m afraid it won’t be enough for the National Guard to fill the gap between the teeth.

  Thinking of this, she decided to try to see if she could leave here first.

  Although helicopters in New York cannot fly out, it does not mean that helicopters outside will also be subject to this restriction. As long as I can get out, I will ask Wu Yongzhen, the Grand Governor of the Left Army Governor’s Mansion, to arrange helicopters from other places to wait outside New York in advance, and I will use them. Leave the New York blockade as quickly as possible, and then take a helicopter to your destination.

  After making up her mind, Sara immediately used spiritual energy to control the helicopter pilot and the soldier left behind outside.

  Immediately, he asked the soldiers outside through the window: “Is there any way you can get me out of here now?”

  The soldier shook his head: “Our person in charge has clear regulations that helicopters and individuals arriving here for inspection must be inspected. After a very strict inspection, and at least three soldiers responsible for the inspection confirm that everything is correct at the same time, the helicopter and passengers can leave.”

  Sara gritted her teeth and said: “If I ask your soldiers responsible for the inspection to let me go, can I leave?”

  ”No. “The soldier said: “Not only are we in charge here, but also the NYPD and the Rothschild family’s subordinates. They require that inspections must be carried out in order. Whichever helicopter’s turn it is to be inspected, they will send representatives and our ten. Several soldiers surrounded the helicopter with professional equipment and carefully inspected the helicopter and passengers.”

  Sara did not expect that the situation was more troublesome than she imagined, so she couldn’t help but ask: “Can you inspect my helicopter first? Helicopter, after the inspection, let me go first?”

  The soldier shook his head without hesitation and said: “No, because there are regulations that no one is allowed to jump in line. The inspection must be carried out in the order of landing, and the order is supervised by three parties. Others in line Helicopters will also monitor, so it is impossible for anyone to jump in the queue in any form.”

  Sara asked angrily: “Can I sneak away from here quietly?”

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