The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6439

  The soldier shook his head and said: “Which helicopter is checked, the personnel on board can open it When you leave the cabin door and leave the cabin, you will undergo a body search. Those who are not in line with other helicopters cannot even open the windows, let alone get off the helicopter.”

  Sara asked again: “What if you didn’t tell me?”

  The soldier shook his head again: “It’s useless if I don’t say it. Others will stop them if they see it.”

  Sara asked again: “What if other people don’t say anything if they see it?”

  At this time, Sara was thinking that at the worst, she would control more people. As long as she could Just cover yourself and get out of here.

  The soldier said: “Then there are people from the Rothschild family. Their people are scattered everywhere, and they also have their people in several nearby high-rise buildings. Even we don’t know exactly where they are, and their people are not very clear at all.” They are constantly monitoring every move of every helicopter here. If you push the door to leave before they detect you, they will lock you in and at least a hundred people will be watching you, covertly or covertly. Watch your every move.”

  As he spoke, the soldier added: “Actually, before yesterday, it was possible to sneak out quietly, but the Rothschild family just used the artificial intelligence technology they invested in Silicon Valley this morning. Using artificial intelligence for AI monitoring, their artificial intelligence system can actively and intelligently monitor every helicopter that lands;” “

  To put it bluntly, your helicopter will be automatically locked by AI the moment it lands. , and the AI ​​can automatically trace the main outline of the helicopter and lock it within a few milliseconds. Once the main outline of the helicopter changes, the AI ​​will immediately send information to the Rothschild family and the NYPD at the same time. Call the police with our three parties;”

  ”As long as you put down the window and stick a finger out from the crack of the window, the AI ​​will determine that the outline of the target subject has changed and trigger the alarm immediately, let alone a person coming out of it. .”

  Sara was confused after hearing this, and gritted her teeth and asked: “Is there no way to crack this system?! What if I can make everyone waiting for inspection run out of the helicopter? Is that possible? Disturbing their judgment?”

  The soldier shook his head and said: “The order we received is that once someone does not obey the order and gets out of the helicopter, we will shoot. It is a matter of homeland security. We have the right to shoot first. , so if these people really opened the hatch and ran down, they might have been shot before their feet even landed on the ground.”

  Sara felt uncomfortable in her heart. According to what the other party said, if she used psychological suggestion to make these people jump out of the helicopter, If you provide cover for yourself, the group of people will be subdued by the soldiers in an instant and will not be able to protect you at all.

  Thinking of this, she asked again: “What if I just let them open the window and extend their hands to interfere with the artificial intelligence’s judgment? Can that cover my departure?”

  The soldier shook his head again: “Artificial intelligence has priorities. If more than a dozen targets all call the police, it will automatically analyze the changes of more than a dozen targets at the same time. If among the dozen targets that call the police, only one of the targets has someone gone. If it comes out, it will think that dealing with this target has the highest priority, and then lead everyone to attack this target first.”

  Sara almost collapsed, gritted her teeth and cursed: “What’s wrong with the Rothschild family’s brains?! They are just looking for something. That’s all, is there any need to develop so much high technology?!”

  The soldier said: “We don’t understand either. They just urgently transferred people from Silicon Valley in the middle of the night last night. It is said that the other party is from the most popular AI company nowadays, and it is All the top engineering teams came. After a large group of people arrived, they immediately started training their self-developed AI model based on the existing monitoring equipment. After working on it for several hours, it was put into use directly this morning.”

  Sara also Knowing that technology is developing very fast nowadays, Po Qinghui also has its own software development team, but in her impression, software development and application is a very long process. It takes at least several months to develop, test, go online, and improve. The time was reasonable, and it was unheard of for her to put it into use directly in one night.

  So she asked: “Are you sure it will work for something that was put online in such a hurry?”

  The soldier said: “It’s more than useful, it’s so easy to use! The accuracy of this thing is 100%, and the AI ​​model is a product they have developed for many years. , the computing power of this model is the first of its kind in the world, and the knowledge base reserve has been updated to last month. They rely on the powerful computing power and knowledge reserve of the AI ​​​​model to train AI to adapt to mature monitoring hardware, and the speed is naturally super fast. It’s beyond imagination;”

  “To put it bluntly, it’s not that they developed a new monitoring system overnight, but that they spent one night telling AI how to use these monitoring equipment to achieve the best monitoring effect;”

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