The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6440

  ”This is equivalent to the fact that the high-speed 4K camera in the surveillance equipment only needs to be responsible for taking 1,000 photos per second here, and then the AI ​​uses super computing power to process the 1,000 photos generated per second at an almost synchronous speed. Carry out intelligent analysis, lock each target helicopter in the 1,000 photos, and compare them with each other to determine whether there are any changes in these helicopters, so as to determine whether there are any problems. If there are problems, start from each “In 1,000 photos per second, find the target and lock it in real time;”

  ”With a speed of 1,000 frames per second, you can even clearly capture the bullets coming out of the barrel, let alone people. Even ghosts can’t escape when they come. Drop it.”

  Sara murmured: “Has technology developed so fast in recent years?”

  The soldier nodded: “This AI model has been online for less than two years.”

  Sara almost vomited blood after hearing this.

  She didn’t know that the reason why the Rothschild family used AI to participate in surveillance was because they suffered a loss at the Zhou family’s house. A large group of people stared at the Zhou family’s villa, but they didn’t understand who got in. .

  That’s why the AI ​​team was mobilized overnight to apply the most advanced artificial intelligence to the existing monitoring hardware.

  It means that although the hardware has not changed, the software suddenly has artificial intelligence with super computing power.

  However, Sara thought of charlie together.

  She feels that no matter how powerful the equipment is, it is still equipment and must be driven by electricity. If there is no electricity, wouldn’t it be just a pile of scrap metal?

  Some satellites are in the sky and can even take pictures of matchboxes on the ground. But if their batteries are removed, what else can they do?

  Just like the smartphone in your hand, even if it has 10,000 apps installed, it can only be used as a brick when it runs out of power.

  Thinking of this, she immediately asked: “What if I cut off the power supply around here?! Will all their equipment be paralyzed?” “

  It’s useless.” The soldier blurted out: “It’s the same as the one before last night. There is a show, but there is no show today.”

  Sara asked: “Why?!”

  The soldier replied: “The Rothschilds don’t know what happened last night, so they equipped every monitoring point near here with large-scale Emergency power supply, the emergency power supply can be switched seamlessly after a power outage to ensure that the equipment is not powered on, and the battery capacity is high, which can meet the normal operation of all equipment at the monitoring point for at least 12 hours.”

  After speaking, the soldier added: “Oh, right Yes, they transferred at least a dozen diesel generators this morning. It is said that there are also generator trucks. Once the power is cut off, they can use the battery to provide power, start the diesel generator to charge the battery, and refuel the generator at the same time. Anyway, that’s it. Just don’t let the equipment stop running at all;”

  ”And I didn’t explain it clearly just now. They have at least dozens of high-speed cameras that take 1,000 photos per second around, and they all have independent power supply systems. That is to say, at this moment, they will take and process tens of thousands of high-definition photos per second. Even if a few devices stop running, it will have no impact on the whole.”

  At this point, the soldier said with a sigh on his face: ” Artificial intelligence is really powerful. It is said that the Ministry of National Defense was shocked by their model this morning and plans to take out the Global Hawk drone for them to test and see if it can stay in the air for forty hours in the future. The Global Hawk keeps taking pictures of the target area in the sky, and then their AI model keeps processing it in the cloud. If this road is opened, even if a dog crawls into the mountains of Afghanistan, AI will be able to find it. Come out.” When

  Sara heard this, she felt as if there were countless huge question marks flying in circles around her, and her whole body was completely dazzled and her eyes were filled with stars.

  She didn’t understand AI, but after hearing what the soldier said, she just felt that it was a bit too scary.

  The ascetic cultivates to the limit of human beings, but no matter how hard she sees and hears, her eyes cannot capture thousands of visual information in one second, and her brain cannot analyze thousands of high-definition images in one second.

  But for AI, it only takes one night of training.

  It was also at this moment that she truly understood why she had lived for four hundred years, while the elders and earls of the Po Qing Society had lived for more than a hundred years, but the world was still in the hands of ordinary people whose average life span was no more than seventy or eighty years old. .

  Science and technology are the primary productive forces. This is simply an eternal truth in modern society!

  What’s the use of living for four hundred years and developing skills? At this moment, science and technology are locked to death?

  This is very similar to the desperate physicists facing the proton blockade in “The Three-Body Problem”.

  What’s the use of studying physics all your life? The protons of advanced civilization are here, aren’t they sealed for you?

  Sara didn’t know that her current situation was entirely due to charlie. While she was sighing, she also couldn’t figure it out: “How bad can my Sara’s luck be? I just came to look for the Sifang Bao. It’s just a building, why do I feel like the United States is using its entire nation to target me?!”

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