The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6442

  charlie Wade chatted a lot with Helena, and it was already morning. He kept paying attention to his mobile phone, looking forward to receiving news notifications about Sifang Baozhuan’s return to China.

  However, before the news was received, I received a call from Lin Waner (Alani).

  charlie Wade said to Helena: “I’ll answer the phone first.”

  Helena nodded slightly and said softly: “Mr. Ye, please hurry up first. I’ll make you a pot of tea.”

  After that, she stood up and left. Room.

  charlie Wade answered the phone and asked with a curious smile: “Ms. Lin, what advice do you have for calling so early?”

  Lin Wan’er (Alani) chuckled and said softly: “Sir, it’s already night here at the slave’s house.”

  charlie Wade said with a smile . : “I forgot about the time difference.”

  Lin Waner (Alani) smiled and said, “Master, there is something that I need to synchronize with the master. I wonder if it is convenient for the master?”

  charlie Wade said: “It is convenient, Miss Lin, please tell me!”

  Lin Waner (Alani) Said: “The slave family heard that the National Security Agency of the United States is using a particularly large force to order a plane to turn around and return to the United States. Moreover, the plane was leased by Chen Zhimin. Now the plane has begun to return. This matter should be done by the young master. ?”

  charlie Wade asked in surprise: “How did Miss Lin know so clearly? I only knew that the plane had flown away, but I didn’t know that it had been ordered to return.”

  Lin Wan’er (Alani) said shyly: “Master, please don’t underestimate me. The Nu family, the Nu family has some connections…”

  ”Yes, yes, yes.” charlie Wade said hurriedly: “Miss Lin has been working all over the world for so many years, so it is natural for her to have strong connections…”

  Lin Wan’er (Alani) smiled and said, “Didn’t the Nu family call me? To show off to the young master, it was Lao Sun who just told the Nu family that Eastcliff has begun testing the Sifang Baozhuang, and the results will be available soon. Once the results come out, I am afraid that the Rothschild family in the United States and Sara will be among the first. I received the news at once.”

  charlie Wade said: “Then I guess Sara will be very angry. This time the United States came to the United States in vain.”

  Lin Waner (Alani) smiled: “Young Master is right, Sara will definitely suffer a lot this time. A blow, but the slave family called the young master this time to remind him that the slave family received a very unusual news. After being educated by the young master, the Rothschild family overnight transferred the most popular artificial intelligence model in the United States to The combination of high-precision monitoring equipment unexpectedly yielded a very powerful AI monitoring system. If you deal with the Rothschild family in the United States in the future, you must be more careful.”

  charlie Wade asked curiously: “Yes What kind of AI monitoring system?”

  Lin Waner (Alani) introduced the monitoring system to charlie Wade in detail on the phone.

  charlie Wade was shocked when he heard that. He had also known about the AI ​​model before, but he did not expect that the model would be so useful. More importantly, this thing can learn so fast that it can be trained according to the needs in one night. It is really amazing Somewhat incredible.

  Lin Wan’er (Alani) added: “This AI model has become more and more powerful. Learning and analysis are only its primary functions. Its advanced function is the independent generation of pictures and videos. If its advanced functions become more mature and the overall calculation The strength is also constantly increasing;”

  ”Nujia thinks that as long as you give it a script and tell it who you want to play which role, it can use super computing power to automatically generate images that are real and fake. An ordinary movie has 24 frames per minute, and a movie takes two hours. , a total of only 170,000 frames is needed. As long as its computing power supports it to generate 170,000 frames of images, and then play these images at a speed of 24 frames per second, a movie can be made without anyone actually shooting it. Yes!”

  charlie Wade sighed: “This technology is indeed very powerful, I have never paid attention to it before.”

  After that, charlie Wade asked again: “How many companies have this technology now?”

  Lin Waner (Alani) said: “Many companies They all claim that they have developed a complete AI model, but the one that is truly mature and unparalleled is the one controlled by the Rothschild family.” After

  saying that, Lin Waner (Alani) added: “The slave family called, it’s the one controlled by the Rothschild family. I want to tell the young master about this. I feel that this thing will have a very wide range of uses in the future, and it will have revolutionary subversion in many fields. It may not make a lot of money, but it will definitely play a key role in key places. If the young master has a chance to take control of the Rothschild family this time, he might as well try to take this company over from them, or let them secretly build a set of such a model for the young master!”

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