The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6444

  Speaking, Lin Waner (Alani) added: “It would be better if there was any way to bring Sara into conflict with the Homeland Security Bureau. “

  charlie Wade smiled and said: “Sara’s strength is far superior to mine. If she really sneaks into the vicinity of the airport, she will definitely use her spiritual energy to confirm that the Sifang Baozhuang is on that plane before taking action, otherwise she will definitely not Will take action rashly. “

  That’s true. ” Lin Wan’er (Alani) said with a smile: “Young master should think more comprehensively, but if he can force her to run an extra 400 kilometers, it will definitely make her mentality collapse more completely.” “

  That’s true. ” charlie Wade smiled and said: “I’ll first ask Steve from the Rothschild family for the helicopter imaging data currently being inspected to see if Sara is among them. If she is, it will be easier. When will she be released?” I’ll know it like the back of my hand, and when the time comes, including the time it takes her to fly all the way there, I’ll almost be able to grasp the best time to release the news.

  Lin Wan’er (Alani) said happily: “That’s great! ” It is up to the young master to control this opportunity. The slave family is waiting for news about the young master in Aurous Hill. Once the young master says it is okay, the slave family will tell Lao Sun that the news will be sent out within a minute or two at the latest! “

  Speaking, Lin Wan’er (Alani) said happily: “When I think that Sara will collapse soon, the slave family is so happy! “

  charlie Wade smiled and said: “Don’t worry, when she knows that Sifang Baozhuang has returned to China and realizes that Chen Zhimin and Uncle Sean are probably dead, she will definitely doubt her life. I guess she has never been so aggrieved in her life. when. “

  Lin Wan’er (Alani) said with a smile as bright as a flower: “Sara has been pursuing the slave family for so many years, and has made the slave family feel aggrieved for so many years. It is finally her turn to taste the aggrievedness! “

  As she said that, she said again: “Sir, the slave family can wait here for the news of the master with peace of mind! “

  ”good! “

  Marven agreed readily. After hanging up the phone, he immediately left Helena’s room and went to the room where Steve and Zhou Liangyun were.

  Steve was already a little impatient at this time.

  He planned to leave Sifang Baozhuang Time in the United States, it felt like the Sifang Baozhu should have arrived in China a long time ago, but for some reason there has been no news yet.

  He was also hoping that after the news came back from China, the bad news about his family would come from New York.

  But he just waited and waited. There was no movement, and Steve was inevitably getting angry.

  Just when charlie Wade knocked on the door and came in, he couldn’t wait to step forward and asked: “Mr. Wade, has Sifang Baozhuang returned to China? Why hasn’t the news come out yet? “

  charlie Wade smiled and said: “Don’t worry. Although the things have arrived in China, they still need to be appraised by experts organized by the official government. After all, it is a major event that needs to be announced to the outside world. It must be ensured to be foolproof. Besides, even if the things go back However, the material still needs to be processed briefly, and the news broadcast by the TV station also needs to be edited, arranged, and post-processed and checked for errors before it can be broadcast. This all takes time. “

  Steve nodded quickly and said: “You are right, these do take time, but when do you think the exact news will be available?”

  charlie Wade thought for a while: “I estimate that in two or three more It’s almost an hour.”

  ”Okay.” Steve looked at the time and said subconsciously: “Two or three hours is okay, it’s not too long…”

  charlie Wade asked him at this time: “Yes Steve, can you help me get the relevant imaging data of your helicopter inspection site today?”

  Steve nodded: “No problem, my fourth brother’s family seems to be in charge of the helicopter inspection point, I’ll contact them Want it.”

  charlie Wade asked him: “Does your fourth brother know much about the Internet?”

  Steve said: “He knows nothing, his son knows better.”

  As he said, he suddenly thought of something and said quickly: “Yes Yes, his son is your mother’s junior student. He also imitated your mother and invested in many companies in Silicon Valley, but he didn’t seem to have invested in a particularly powerful company.”

  charlie Wade said: “He should have invested in a company that develops AI. You Have you heard of it?”

  ”No.” Steve shook his head and said casually: “I’m not interested in concepts like the Internet. Some time ago, Mark created a metaverse. He came over excitedly and introduced it to us for a long time. It felt like It’s not even as good as the video games played by children. Later someone told me about AI, but I didn’t even bother to understand it.”

  charlie Wade smiled slightly: “It’s the AI ​​you are too lazy to understand, and it almost took away your position as heir. Now, they have integrated AI and monitoring systems and are helping to screen all helicopters that need to be inspected. This is a very successful attempt for them and has opened up new ideas for their AI applications. I estimate that they will soon It will combine AI with more traditional fields to achieve greater effectiveness.”

  At this point, charlie Wade looked at Steve and said very seriously: “Steve, you have to thank me properly!” If I had not taken the huge risk to send the Sifang Baozhuang out of New York and back to China, then the one who found it in the end would definitely not be you, but your fourth brother’s son! By that time, you will no longer be part of the family The heir can only become the heir to his uncle!”

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