The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6446


  And the more anxious she was, the less efficient the queue in front of her was.

  After she waited in line for an hour, it was finally her turn to inspect the helicopter she was riding in.

  At the request of the soldiers, Sara, Jadiel and the pilots all got off the plane and underwent body searches. In addition, many people carried professional testing equipment and carefully checked up and down the helicopter. Even the fuel tank of the helicopter was not released. However, you need to use professional equipment to detect the internal structure and see if the Sifang Treasure Building is hidden in it.

  After all inspections were correct, Sara’s helicopter was finally allowed to take off.

  The helicopter climbed to the designated altitude in accordance with the requirements of air traffic control, and then, under Sara’s almost hysterical urging, flew in the direction of the target airport at extremely high speed.

  Half an hour later, the pilot of the Gulfstream G650, accompanied by two F35s at close range, nervously completed the approach.

  The moment the plane aimed at the runway, both of them were extremely panicked.

  Both of them have been flying civil aviation for more than ten years, but this was the first time they were accompanied by a fighter jet.

  The two anxious people landed the plane on the runway. As soon as the speed slowed down, the two armed helicopters immediately took off and followed the plane at a height of about ten meters above the plane to leave the runway as required.

  At this time, the Department of Homeland Security is facing a formidable enemy. When the plane flies back, they are no longer worried about the leakage of national defense secrets, but are worried that the pilot of the plane will take extreme actions.

  Fortunately, the pilots themselves were innocent. They obeyed the requirements and slowly parked the plane into the hangar. As soon as the engine was turned off, someone immediately used professional equipment to lock the tires of the plane. In this case, even if Even if the pilot wanted to escape, the plane would not be able to push out smoothly with its engines.

  Subsequently, dozens of special forces armed with live ammunition had completely surrounded the aircraft. The person in charge radioed the crew: “On behalf of the Department of Homeland Security, I require all personnel on board to wait at the hatch immediately. After the hatch is opened, everyone must Raise your hands behind your head and line up in an orderly manner to get off the plane, otherwise, we will take extreme measures.”

  Not daring to delay, the crew members quickly opened the door and walked off the plane one by one with their heads in their hands.

  The special forces, who had been waiting for a long time, immediately controlled them all, and then thousands of dedicated personnel conducted detailed body searches. More agents boarded the plane immediately and began to conduct extremely detailed inspections of the aircraft.

  Since the report was relatively general and only mentioned national defense secrets, but did not reveal what the items were or whether they were large or small, the person in charge was already prepared for a protracted war. He asked people to immediately start interrogating several crew members. personnel, while preparing their agents, using professional testing equipment, with the help of the maintenance staff and referring to the blueprint of the aircraft, to find out everything that does not belong to the factory configuration of the aircraft.

  This work is expected to take at least three days to complete.

  When Sara finally rushed to the designated location, which was only three kilometers away from the airport, the agents at the airport had just inspected half of the cockpit.

  After Sara arrived, she immediately asked Jadiel to ask the scouts if they had seen anyone or vehicles leaving the small airport. The answer was no.

  This made Sara breathe a sigh of relief.

  No one left the airport, which proved that as long as Sifang Baozhuang was on that plane, he must still be in this airport.

  So, she released more than half of the spiritual energy in her body, and the spiritual energy spread to all corners of the airport, in order to search for movements related to the magic weapon. What

  Sara didn’t know was that charlie Wade already knew it as soon as the helicopter she was riding in landed.

  So, he immediately sent a message to inform Lin Wan’er. The content of the message was: “It’s ready to be broadcast!”

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