The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6449

The moment she learned that Sifang Baozhuan had returned to China, Sara knew that she had no chance.

For more than three hundred years, she has always adhered to one purpose, that is, she can be an enemy of anyone, but she can never provoke a country.

Except for a few small countries, most sovereign countries in the world have their own absolute advantages over Poqing.

Because even a small sovereign country has its own territory and airspace. As long as it has a budget, it will definitely be able to buy fighter jets from a big country in the Eastern or Western camps. If it has territorial waters, it can also buy its own warships.

These two points are beyond the reach of Poqing Club.

Although the current Qing Qinghui has strong financial strength and excellent individual strength, it has no advantage at all in the face of heavy weapons and equipment, or even weapons of mass destruction.

Moreover, the Sifang Baozhu is an important weapon of the country, and China will definitely not let it be put at any risk. It must be strictly guarded in a secret location. Even if the Qing Dynasty mobilizes all their troops, there is no chance to snatch it away.

At this moment, Sara was extremely angry!

This time I came to New York, I was really exhausted!

The only remaining count is dead, and so is Chen Zhimin!

She has placed countless scholars all over the world. There are almost only a handful of people who are as important as Chen Zhimin. It took dozens of people and more than ten years to build them up. Now they are also in ashes. At the end of her life in Anjia One chess piece was also lost.

Wu Tianlin saw that her emotions were almost uncontrollable, so he quickly said: “Master Ying, since the matter has come to this, my subordinates suggest that for the sake of safety, we should leave the United States and return to the base first. What do you think?”

Sara said with a cold face: “Uncle Sean and Chen Zhimin died in New York. Starting from Uncle Nakul, the enemy has repeatedly hit us hard. I must get to the bottom of this matter!”

Then she said with a sinister expression: “And that Ross who checked my helicopter. Childe family, I, Sara, have never been angry with me no matter where I go. They must pay the price this time!”

After saying that, Sara shouted coldly: “Go back to New York!”

When Sara returned to New York by helicopter. At that time, the patriarch of the Rothschild family, Howard Rothschild, was lying weakly on the bed. The bags under his eyes were dark and large, and it looked like he had not slept all night.

Howard’s mentality has been hit hard recently, and the continuous blow reached its climax early this morning. He never expected that when his subordinate Hank chased Peter Zhou, Chen Zhimin actually set fire to himself.

After learning that he was actually the one who broke the Qing Society, Howard was even more heartbroken.

Although he had followed An Qishan’s suggestion and had the evidence at the scene destroyed, he was still uneasy because he had offended not ordinary people this time, but the long-standing and extremely mysterious Po Qing Society.

In the United States, there is actually no shortage of mysterious organizations with a long history, darkness, and ruthlessness, but none of them can compare with the Qing Dynasty Society.

At the moment, he is not sure whether the other party will find out about him. If he does find out, the matter will not be settled so easily.

In order to ensure his own safety, he contacted the heads of the Department of Homeland Security and the CIA after the incident early this morning, and asked them to send their top agents and the most professional equipment to the Rothschild family’s estate to ensure that The safety of yourself and your family.

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